Dirty dryer Ducts- Risks & Disadvantages


It might just shockingly surprise you to know that out of all the home appliances, a clothing dryer can be the most threatening house appliance. Of course this is only the case if the dryer and the vent or duct that comes with it is maintained properly and on a regular basis. For professional maintenance services chose out of the best dryer vent cleaning fairfax va companies. The general tendency is to pay heed to the prevention of house fires only with inspection as well as sweeping of the chimney. More than often, the dryer vent cleaning as a precaution for fires is completely ignored not on purpose but mostly because nobody can ever imagine this appliance to pose such a massive threat.

But, yes it is a proven fact that the clothing dryer is truly one appliance that at present is posing much threat to houses as has been reported by U.S. Fire Administration National Fire Incident Reporting System. It is this system that has suggested a study and research based conclusion that over 2,900 homes are damaged every year due to fire breakouts from the clothing dryer vents. Just knowing the risk is not enough. It is also equally important to know how it leads to the probabilities of the risk. The lint that gets heavily accumulated in the dryer duct is highly combustible. Now, how does the lint get accumulated to this extent if you may think, then know that the procedure is simple and quick which is why you need to get it cleaned at regular intervals. Every time you dry your laundry, each time the lint sticks to the previously gathered link within the inner walls of the dryer duct. It is due to this lint blockage that the hot air fails to pass through it thus, causing either the clothing to catch fire in the dryer or the lint to ignite and cause the fire.

The additional downsides of ignoring a dirty dryer vent may also include the following:

Energy consumption increases:

The laundry clothes take much longer to get dried in a dryer whose vent has been clogged. This is because once the vent has been clogged the dryer appliance fails to work at its best. In this case you have to run continuous dryer cycles for over an hour perhaps to get the fabric dried. This will ultimately lead to excessive energy consumption which in turn will raise the amount in the home energy bills. Thus hiring professionals for dryer vent cleaning fairfax va.

Indoor air quality degrades:

It is due to the blockage in the dryer vent that both the hot air as well as the carbon monoxide in it cannot exit your house. If the monoxide gas actually fails to pass through the vent to the outside of the house, it automatically backs up into the dryer and ultimately spreads in the insides of the house making the house air quality very poor and unhealthy to breath in. Inhaling too much of carbon monoxide can harm both humans and pets and can cause hospitalization. The worst case scenario would be death.

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