What Different Kinds of Garden Gates


If you have a nice garden, it’s always even better to have a beautiful fencing and a gate to compliment it even more. Garden gates also provide people with access to a garden space or yard. There are many types of gates and one should be chosen to combine nicely not only with fencing, but the whole garden and home itself.

However, gates and fencing should still be able to have their own distinct design and feel that sets them visually apart from each other and yet at the very same time work perfectly together. There is a wide range of garden gates available nowadays, which can include materials such as wood, aluminium, steel, and wrought iron.

Sturdy Metal

  • An aluminium garden gate in Perth is one of the best with regards to security measures, because they can be manufactured to be high and are also strong.
  • These can come in designs such as simple vertical bar gates, and also to look like wrought iron styles.
  • Relying upon different manufacturers and standards, a quality aluminium garden gate can work out to be the same cost or even slightly more than the steel garden gate variety.
  • Gates which are made from both materials can be made to be highly decorative, and will complement formal garden designs.
  • Motorised accessories have recently made aluminium gates, even more popular than ever.

Rustic Ambience

  • Wooden gates are well known to be a lot more rustic than their metal relatives, and at the same time highly decorative.
  • They can be painted and are available in a wide range of styles, and go along just perfectly with natural material fences, like stone, wood, and plant-covered designs.
  • Wooden gates also benefit from being an easy do-it-yourself type of project (if you so wish), whereas nearly all metal gates will come as finished products and therefore cannot be modified.

Green as Green Can Get

  • Trellis garden gates add a beautiful touch to any entrance of a garden or yard. This type of gate highlights roofing with latticed or openwork sides that are used to put climbing plants.
  • Trellises will have to be quite strong so as to take any pressure and constant growth from climbing plants.

Arty Types

  • For those who like decorative or ornamental garden gates, there are built in designs featuring carved vines and flowers on a metal gate, or distinctive paint work on a wooden gate.
  • Glass is occasionally seen and combined into a metal garden gate to balance out the metal.
  • And there are wooden gates that feature ornamental carvings or cut outs that are pleasing to the eye.

Modern gates can be made from a wide range of bizarre materials, and all it takes is a little imagination and not really caring what the neighbours think. You may even have seen some yourself, either in your neighbourhood or elsewhere.

Whatever you decide on when it comes to choosing your gate, just make sure that it comes from a renowned company who are skilled in the art of gate making!

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