Decoration For Children’s Room


Decorating a space, be it a room, an office or outside, is an act that involves several elements: the purpose and aim of the decor, the budget limit, and the concept to be applied and functionality of both colors as space and furniture. So when children need their own space, it should be decorated according to your own needs, since it is not the same as a baby or young child.

From the Baby to a Child

Generally the rooms are equipped with baby items that the baby rarely used by it, is shaped rather changer, cot, closet, bathtub, shelves and decorations that are usually the parents who give them use spaces. For this reason the room often reflects the taste and functionality of an adult. However, when it comes to a small room between 4 and 10 years, it must consist of a totally different way.

Security Room

The first step is to do a general check of the safety of the room items such as plugs, prominent or sharp corners , glassware , ladders or steps , windows, and others, always remembering that a child happens sometimes time playing alone or sleeping without no supervision at night. It must organizing toys, all small parts away and leaves only those according to their age. If you share a room with an older sibling, safety must remain designed for the smallest.

Suitable Furniture

If the room has optimal conditions for child safety, you can then proceed to decorate. Furniture should be of durable material either hard plastic or wood; the purchase should think about durability and elegance in design or strength. Always remember that furniture is also used by children, so all must be right proportions to allow the small handling.

If you talk about shelves or drawers , they must be at the correct height , remember that at this stage you are teaching the little one to be independent and not require the help of mom or dad for some activities you want to pursue, why everything around it must be easily accessible and should not pose any danger.

Color Room

The accessories or the color of the room are features that can take a backseat , a color usually being chosen according to the sex of the child or a neutral that harmonizes with the rest of the house . It is also recommended to include themed decorations characters or elements that are taste of children; this will provide feelings of security and belonging.

Organization and Cleaning

When she opens the small room is an ideal place to teach keep it clean and organized time, picking up toys after use and take them to containers. They should be large, preferably without lid and hard plastic, and the idea is that the new room is a game room, a refuge and a place of rest, but must also adapt to meet the needs of their small world, where you will spend most of the day for several years in his life, developing learning there, comfort, achievements and other experiences.

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