Common Washing Machine Problems


The washing machine is an essential home appliance used for washing clothes. Instead of giving your clothes to a dry cleaner regularly or washing them by hand, you can just buy a washing machine for your home. Fully automatic washing machines not only rinse the clothes, but they also dry them. You just need to iron them and they will be ready to wear! Modern washing machines are available in several designs and models. These models include the following:

  • Fully automatic washing machines
  • Semi-automatic washing machines
  • Front or top-loader machines

All washing machines are powered by electricity, so you can expect problems every now and then. Here are some common washing machine problems that will force you to call a Bristol washing machine repairs company.

Machine Shakes Violently

A common problem that many people experience with their machines is a violent shaking sensation. When that happens, it’s probably due to loose screws within the motor. If the internal motor is displaced from its original position, the machine might start shaking violently.

Electrical Problems

Electrical issues within the washing machine might render it completely useless. If water enters the electrical circuitry, it could cause a short-circuit. However, that doesn’t usually happen because the circuitry is housed within a watertight, insulated box. Fluctuation and electrical surges can also damage the circuitry, so it’s better if you contact a professional to get the washing machine checked properly. If the washing machine is not working properly, you should avoid using it. Instead, call an electrician to come in and fix it right away.



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