Common Reasons to Remove a Tree from Your Yard


If you notice any problems with trees situated in your yard, it is important to contact a professional tree surgeon to discuss whether you need it removed. It is better to deal with the problem now, rather than having it come crashing down in strong winds or during a storm. A tree is advantageous to have in your yard, they provide shade, shelter, and attract wildlife. But, sometimes you’ve not option but to cut them down.

Safety Reasons

One of the most common reasons for cutting down a tree is safety, if the tree is dead, there is a good chance it could collapse under its own weight. And when it does come down, you never know what direction it will take. If the tree is near your home, driveway, or any other structures around your property it could cause serious damage. A hole in your roof may not be the only thing you’ll have to worry about, a fallen tree could easily injure anyone in your home if it happened to cause your roof or wall to collapse.

The tree may not be dead, but it could be unhealthy, resulting in debris regularly falling off the structure. If a child or adult was to wander underneath a falling branch, the impact could cause a worrisome injury. Sydney tree removal specialists are on call to assess your yard if you think that you may have a tree which requires an evaluation for safety reasons. There are numerous other reasons why you may wish to contact a professional tree surgeon to make an assessment.

Other reasons to book an evaluation:

  • The trunk may have been recently damaged in a storm and the tree doesn’t look as stabilise as it was before.
  • The tree is growing too close to your property and it has begun to lean over your home or other buildings in your yard.
  • The structure is growing in an uneven pattern, this may be causing it to tip over to one side. There are many reasons for this, so it is best to contact a professional to take a look and diagnose the issue.


It may have become more of an obstacle than a beautiful feature, sometimes trees get too big and block the view from your home. If you feel like the tree in your yard has become far too large for its surroundings, you may decide to have it cut down or pruned. You may just want to change the view when you look outside your window and removing a tree is the best option. It may have begun as a diminutive feature, but grown into an overwhelming organism.

You shouldn’t try to remove a tree from your yard without professional help, they are large, awkward objects that must be handled by a qualified tree surgeon. An arborist ensures the structure will be taken down safely without harming anyone or causing damage to your property. They’ve experience and training which is invaluable when it comes to understanding trees and their growth patterns.

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