Common Reasons to Call a Plumber


If you have problems with your pipes, then you obviously need to call a plumber. However, there are cases when it’s not as clear who you should call but are actually jobs for a plumber. These are varied cases of different appliances in your house.

The Hot Water Heater

Your hot water heater is made of two different components: the plumbing aspect and the heating aspect. Water is piped into your house at the normal temperature from the water main. The water then fills up your hot water tank if you have a tank heater. If you have a tankless heater, the water simply passes through the water heater. A heat source then heats up the water; typically, it heats the water from the bottom since heat rises. Then the water is piped out of the hot water heater and into your home.

Kent plumbers can help you with both the water aspect as well as the heating aspect. Whether you have a gas or an electric heater, you can get assistance from a plumber.

The Radiator

Your radiator is similar to the hot water heater, actually. Similarly, a plumber can fix problems with it. With a radiator, water is heated up in a boiler. It is then piped through the walls and through the radiators. Finally, it makes a circuit of your house and comes back to the boiler where it has to be re-heated.

If something should go wrong with the boiler, you won’t have adequate heating for your home. The most common problem is a boiler that is not adequately heating the water. If the water is not heated adequately, it won’t warm your house. A plumber can help fix the boiler as well as any problems that might occur with the pipes.

You should call a plumber to see what he or she can fix for you.

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