Common Reasons Why Boilers Fail


The main reason why most commercial and residential boilers fail is because they are not properly maintained. To ensure that a boiler will start and run smoothly, it should be inspected and undergo maintenance at least once a year before the weather turns cold. If this isn’t done, then here are some of the reasons why the boiler could fail in your company’s building.


If there are puddles of water anywhere around the boiler, then this could indicate that failure is imminent. A broken seal or valve is usually the cause of a leaking boiler and it requires immediate attention.

A leak can cause internal parts to rust and corrode or leaking water could drip onto a component and cause a short circuit. A regular maintenance schedule can help prevent problems such as this from occurring and save your business money.

Pilot Light Goes Out

Another sign of boiler failure is having a pilot light that keeps going out. This problem can become very frustrating because the building will not have any hot water or heated air to keep everyone warm. Pilot light failure can be due to a backdraft from the flue, which could indicate that the flue is clogged, or a gas valve could be blocked or failing.

However, the most common reason for the pilot light to keep going out is a faulty thermocouple. This part is a small probe that extends from the flame of the pilot light to the gas valve via a thin wire. Newer boilers depend less on pilot lights so if you have an old boiler that keeps breaking down, you should talk to a company specialising in commercial heating installation in Newcastle about getting a replacement.

Keeps Switching Off

If the boiler keeps switching itself off, it could be due to several reasons. The condensate pipes may have frozen, which will cause gurgling noises and the system to shut down. Some of the other causes for boilers shutting off are faulty thermostats or low water pressure. Low water pressure can be caused by leaking pipes or it can occur after radiators are bled.

Frozen condensate pipes can be avoided by insulating them and an annual maintenance inspection should find issues with a boiler’s thermostat. If you check the pressure gauge and the water pressure is low, the boiler’s instruction manual may have instructions on how to re-pressurise the boiler. However, you should contact a Gas Safe Engineer to have the boiler re-pressurised properly.

Scheduling annual maintenance can help prevent boiler failures as the inspection should find problems such as leaking pipes and corrosion and test the boiler’s components. When problems are caught early, it can prevent expensive repairs or the need to replace the boiler.

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