Common causes of household water leaks


Water leaks could damage your house, lead to infection and unwanted organic growth. It is not possible to see some of the complications with the naked eye. That is why you need a professional leak repair company who has the experience and the skills to notice any problems and cure.

Here are some of the causes of household water leaks?

Broken seals

All water connections have seals and sometimes, if they are not well fixed, they could get broken easily. Again, pressure for other sources could lead to fractures on the seals and this could lead to leaks. Age is another factor, after many years of installation; the seals are worn out and thus break leading to leaks.

Clogged sewer lines

Water drainage systems could clog and this leads to overflow, and the pipes could burst. Therefore, to avoid such obstructions, you must ensure that you have a repair company in place that should do regular maintenance.


If your piping system is done using metal pipes, after a while you could notice some rust develop on them and if not properly maintained. Therefore, it is important to have a water leak repair professional who does maintenance on a regular basis. Again, it is important to avoid metallic pipes as much as possible. There are many PVC pipes that are as strong as the metallic ones and which could serve the purpose. You don’t have to use the metallic ones and if you do, ensure regular repair and, maintenance.

Excess water pressure

Sometimes, when water is pumped through the pipes, the pressure could be very high and if the pipes are weak, then bursting is inevitable. Therefore, when installing water pipes, you should bear in mind such factors and therefore get pipes that can stand the pressure.

If you want to avoid issues of leakage, you must get the services of a water leak repair company who have experience in installations and would advise on the best materials to use.

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