Clean And Caring Environment – Essential For A Healthy Living


It is very important to have a clean and caring environment. If a person doesn’t care about the environment in which he is living then it will start becoming polluted with various toxins and contaminants that will have a very disastrous effect on our health. Various respiratory diseases and cancer problems can be caused by air pollution. The water pollution can cause diarrheal diseases, typhoid and other water related diseases.

 Although there are many treatments and various mechanisms to treat some of the major issues but we can never know the faults that can occur. The necessity for water is basic and air helps in our sustenance so there is need to prevent pollution only then various health hazard diseases can be prevented. There is a need to save our planet as it is impossible to have good human health when the earth will be polluted.

The human beings are largely responsible for the increase in the overall temperature of earth as large amounts of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide are being released by the activities performed by us. When there is small changes appears in the average temperature of the earth then it can lead to frequent changes in the climate patterns, devastating storms and dangerous weather patterns.

There is a need to conserve the natural resources so that they can be used by the generations to come. The biodiversity (variety of animals, plants and other living things on earth) has been negatively affected due to climate change, pollution and human activity. In order to survive there is need to have biodiversity as we require food, water, air and shelter. There is a natural process that is being formed by many species so that they can provide the necessities. If there is some problem happens then there will be an unwanted reaction in the chain that directly gives a negative effect.

Nature has given us various things such as clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, beautiful places but we are not taking proper care of them rather we are polluting them. So there is a need to protect and preserve the environment. It will reflect our character and values towards environment. It is our duty to take due care of the environment and prevent it from the harmful pollution. The best way is to reduce the wasteful activities, reuse the used things and recycle the things for further use so that the natural resources will not get depleted with the period of time.

More and more trees can be planted to prevent pollution and to maintain a clean environment. The electronic gadgets should not be dumped and eco friendly things such as bicycles should be used, plastic products should be recycled as they are hazardous and difficult to decompose.

It doesn’t matter that your action is insignificant or small as one person can start a movement for a major environmental breakthrough. We all must keep our environment clean for a smell free and diseases free living.


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