Choosing Wisely for the Best Mattress


In these modern blocks, each spring is placed in a fabric cover and works independently of the neighboring one. Due to this, the load is distributed more evenly, there is no “hammock effect” and the mattress adjusts to the shape of the body as precisely as possible. It is this technology that is the most used and effective. The more springs on the bed in the block, the more weight the mattress can withstand, the more comfortable and the more pronounced the anatomical effect. But at the same time, the price also rises. To determine the type of spring unit, we advise you to read the Visual overview of mattresses on spring blocks.

Springless mattresses

At the heart of these mattresses are monolithic or set blocks of natural and artificial filler materials. According to their anatomical properties, such mattresses are not inferior to spring mattresses, but on the whole they are more rigid and the sensations from them are slightly different, since there is no oscillation of the springs. Due to this, they are more comfortable for a couple, since the sleeper feel less each other’s movements. You can learn more about sprin gless mattresses by reading the article Advantages and features of sprin gless mattresses. The options perfect with the Hybrid Mattress is also there.

Fillers can be natural and artificial.

Natural are more expensive, but at the same time and more durable. Traditionally they have a lot of admirers among buyers due to their natural origin and high degree of comfort.

To artificial fillers, many are biased, but do not underestimate them. First, they allow you to make high-quality and at the same time budget models of mattresses that are in demand and receive good customer reviews. In addition, artificial fillers are hypoallergenic and have excellent bactericidal properties. And modern technologies are at such a high level that they allow creating artificial materials with unique characteristics, such as, for example, the effect of “memory”. Thanks to this effect, the mattress perfectly adapts to the shape of the body and gives a sensation of sleep as if on a cloud.

Natural Fillers

  • Latexed coconut coir is filler consisting of coconut fibers impregnated with natural latex. It differs rigidity, elasticity and durability. Coconut mattresses have a high degree of anatomy.
  • Horse hair is an environmentally friendly material, which is a clean and compressed hair of horses of special breeds. It is a hard, durable and resilient material. It is similar in its properties to coconut coir, but is more elastic. Throughout the world, horse hair is popular in the manufacture ofelite mattresses.

Latex is filler based on rubber tree juice. It is a soft and pleasant to the touch foam. It is durable, able to withstand high pressure and quickly restore the shape. Latex mattresses are soft, elastic and very comfortable.

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