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Did you know that when you reach the 60-year mark, you spent 20 years or more of it sleeping? Yes, because at least one-third of your day will be devoted to sleeping – and that’s during your adult years only. This emphasizes the importance of choosing the perfect bed and mattress for your changing needs.

Here are our top tips in choosing the perfect bed for your current needs and wants in it. Keep in mind that, as you grow older, your bed-related preferences will change, too, so a new bed will likely be necessary.

 #1 Decide on Your Preferred Type of Bed

 The modern-day market offers such a dizzying array of beds that choosing just one will likely be limited by your allotted budget, room space, and preferred features. These choices can be divided into the types of materials, style, and storage options, to name a few.

In terms of materials, beds come in two main materials for the frame – wood and metal. Wood beds come in several types, too, including oak, teak and pine wood, among others. Metal beds can be in stainless steel and wrought iron since these are durable, practical and beautiful for use in consumer products. Upholstered beds are also available with coverings ranging from leather and velvet to linen and microfiber; these are usually mounted on either a wood or metal base.

In terms of style and storage options, the common types of beds include:

  • Four-poster beds have four tall posts that can be decorated with curtains, beads and the like.
  • Canopy beds are similar to four-poster beds except for the crossbeams connecting the posts.
  • Low-post beds feature four small posts at the corners, said posts of which usually are of the same height as the headboard.
  • Sleigh beds evoke old-fashioned sleighs with their scrolled headboards.
  • Platform beds have low profiles, usually without a footboard and/or headboard, although it can have either short legs or a solid base.
  • Daybeds usually have enclosures on three sides (i.e., frame) so that it can be used for napping during the day and sleeping at night.
  • Bunk beds have two beds stacked on top of one another with a ladder connecting them.
  • Divans have storage space underneath the frame, a great option for small bedrooms or tiny homes.
  • Murphy beds can be pushed up against the wall when not in use and lowered when in use, also a great choice for modest bedrooms.

Your choice between these types of beds will depend on your available budget, style preference, and allotted space for the bed. You may, for example, choose a divan because it’s a bed-and-cabinet in one solution for your tiny home. You may also choose a canopy bed because it has a grand beauty to it.

#2 Bed and Mattress Must Go Together

Keep in mind that the perfect bed will be incomplete without the perfect mattress! When you’re buying a new bed, you may or may not be buying a new mattress but be sure that these go well together.

A few tips to remember when picking the right mattress:

  • Always consider your comfort and support first. When you’re lying down on the mattress, your body should be in a neutral position – your spine’s natural curvature is maintained while your head, shoulders and hips are in proper alignment.
  • Choose a medium-firm mattress, if possible, since it provides the right balance between comfort and support for a relatively healthy individual. But for people with chronic back pain, a firm to extra-firm mattress is a better choice since it provides superb spinal support.

Lie on the mattress in various positions – on your back and on your side, even face down – for 15 minutes to determine the level of comfort and support a mattress provides. But if you’re shopping online, you can perform this simple test after delivery but be sure that the retailer has a favorable return and exchange policy.

#3 Consider Your Bed-related Habits

 Many people consider their beds as more than just places to sleep on. Aside from sex, other activities performed on the bed can include watching television, reading books, and working on a laptop, even playing with the children.

You must then consider your bed-related habits when choosing from several bed types. You may, for example, like a bed with a headboard with open shelves to store books, gadgets and decorative items.

A few more tips in relation to bed habits that will come in handy during decision time:

  • Choose your bed and mattress with your bed partner. You can then choose one that will fit your individual needs in the firmness or softness of the mattress, as well as its size. You may want a larger bed, for example, when your bed partner tends to toss and turn while sleeping or when more pillows are needed for sleeping.
  • Consider more space in the bed even for a single sleeper. Your child may want a bigger bed for stuffed toys to be in her bed.
  • Look into future needs. You may be satisfied with a double bed now but it may not be so a few years down the road. Just be careful about choosing a too-large bed since it can mean more expense.

Basically, you want room to move around in your bed, even when the bedroom itself isn’t as spacious as you want it to be.

#4 Look at Your Budget and Bedroom

Fortunately, we live in a world where virtually every budget and bedroom size can be accommodated by bed manufacturers. You can choose from affordable beds and mattresses to expensive combos fit for a king, as well as from single to extra-large custom-made beds. Your budget and bedroom size are, indeed, the only limitations.

 A few tips in this aspect:

  • Choose quality especially since you will spend one-third of your day on it. Think of the bed-and-mattress combo as an investment in your good health.
  • Leave room in your bedroom for other pieces of furniture, as well as for the performance of tasks in it. Your bedroom, after all, will contain at least a closet for your clothes, side tables, and perhaps a desk for working.

 Last but certainly not the least, you should also consider the aesthetics of your bed – it must be as beautiful as it is durable and practical. You must also invest in beddings including the pillows, boosters, blankets, sheets, and comforter to make your bed complete!

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