How to Choose the Correct Color For Your Swimming Pool


Are you planning to add a swimming pool to your backyard? Albeit it can be very exciting to have a pool right inside your property, don’t let all that enthusiasm get into your head. Choosing the right design is imperative if you want your swimming pool to stand out. In fact, one of the design elements that you should heavily consider in spending a bit of time and effort regarding the selection process is the color of the pool.

The colors you place in and around your swimming pool will bring about a major impact on the overall look of your backyard. Determining the tone of the area and its compatibility to your home based on the stones and shades you select for the design is crucial if you want the pool to look good or even great for that matter. So before you begin installing your swimming pool, ensure that you already have a color scheme in mind that works well. We’ve put together a short guide as we explain how you can choose THE RIGHT COLOUR FOR YOUR SWIMMING POOL.

Find Inspiration in Different Places 

When thinking about the colors for your swimming pool, where do you usually look for inspiration? If you’re having trouble, you can start by pulling colors from your home’s existing exterior. For example, if the outside walls of your home are donning a bright red brick exterior, then you may want to use neutral beige tones around the area of your pool. It’s because bright red and neutral beige don’t clash or compete with each other. Another example is when you have a gray vinyl siding. If so, then you may want to choose warm gray tones around the areas of your pool and backyard for a complementary look.

Look at Examples 

It’s highly important to never rush the installation of your swimming pool, especially regarding the selection of the colors. If you can’t seem to find your desired color combinations for your upcoming pool, then you might want to look at examples. There’s a broad range of examples online. It’s simple – just do an online search for backyard swimming pools, and click on the Images section. You’ll then see several images that you might tickle your fancy. If you still can’t see what you like from an online search, then you can buy home décor magazines, especially the ones with the swimming pool issues.

Consider the Greenery of Your Backyard 

Aside from the exterior walls of your home, the plants surrounding your backyard should also play a vital role in the colors you select for your pool. For example, if you have a tree sporting white blossoms, then you may want to consider adding a touch of white to the colors of your swimming pool area. If your backyard has a bush with red berries, then balance that by adding complementary red tones that won’t detract from the good looks of your plants.

Seek Advice

If you can’t seem to find inspiration in places that are in front of you, perhaps you might want to acquire extra assistance in the form of professional help. Experts in the swimming pool industry can help you out as they can show you the right color combinations that are both popular in your area and will work well with your property. These seasoned professionals will also help you achieve your dream swimming pool while staying within the lines of your budget.

Keep in mind that this list is far from being extensive, but it should give you an idea on how you can select the right colors for your soon-to-be backyard pool.

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