How to Choose the Best Floor to Improve Your Home


Making home improvements is an exciting process, creating the home of your dreams gives it your personal stamp and ensures you have something you’ve always wanted or needed. Selecting the right flooring is one of the key decisions, as it’s likely to be around for some time and will potentially need to suit your changing needs – and tastes.

Because flooring can be an expensive improvement and you expect such a lot from it, there are three essentials to consider:

  • Different types of flooring
  • What best suits your needs
  • Budget

We’re going to discuss some of the most popular flooring choices across the US and give you some important details, to help you make the right decision.

Wooden Flooring

The feel of a well-laid wooden floor is wonderful. However, given how noisy it can be, it’s often best for a downstairs room. There are many different types of wooden flooring, including hardwood or engineered wood, among many other options.

Visit a reputable showroom and see samples to get a better idea of what you like and would work for your home. It’s not always the cheapest option and wooden flooring can be cold. But, it’s stylish and hard wearing – provided you treat and maintain your wooden flooring well – and can easily be warmed up and accented with the right rug.


Carpeted flooring is the most popular in the US, accounting for 51% of the total flooring market and it’s easy to understand why. Any color or style is available to suit most budgets and its wearability can be enhanced with the right underlay. It’s also relatively simple to fit and can also be changed easily with rugs and accessories.

On the con side, if you’re going for a lighter carpet, it stains easily and dirty marks in the wrong place can be seen, even at a glance. And, if you find the color or design really clashes with your décor, even a rug won’t completely cover it up.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl also has a wide choice of colors, styles and finishes. Not only can you go for plain or patterned in most colors, you can opt for different styles of finish; a wooden floorboard look, or bathroom floor tile style. It’s also cost effective, easy to fit and can be enhanced, like carpet, with good underlay.

What isn’t so great about vinyl flooring is that it’s not as tough and wearable as other options and can tear easily if heavy objects are dropped or moved on it. Vinyl is a great option for kitchens, bathrooms and perhaps children’s bedrooms. But, it lacks opulence so won’t work as well in a living area or master bedroom.

Make the Right Choice for Your Home

There are more options than the three described here, but they are the most popular across the US, easily available with many show rooms and fitting experts, too.

Consider each room and what you need for it, along with different flooring that would go well together from one room or area, to another. It’s an important decision, so give it the consideration it deserves.

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