What Can I Do in the Bathroom to Save Water


At this moment in time, one of the most important issues out there is being ecological. Already some people are doing their best  and we should all join in and help make the Earth a better place for us to live, and especially for future generations. The good old bathroom is a great place to begin making changes, so let’s take a look at what we can do.

That Precious Liquid – Water

Just water itself is something that all of us too often take for granted. Fortunately, there are some simple things that can be done to help save water that are eco-friendly. If you believe that water bills are too high, then it’s certainly high time to begin saving water at home, by taking a few proactive measures.

Shower Heads and Taps

Take a good look at all of the taps in your home for any  leaks or drips. Just the simple repairing or replacing of faulty taps can save you hundreds of gallons of water every year. If you find that you need to replace any, install the low-flow taps and shower head types. These wonderful water conservation products operate by limiting how much water passes through a tap, while still providing enough for cleaning and all other tasks. (Installing a low-flow tap or shower head should actually increase the water pressure for that fixture).

Have a chat with local plumbers in Chelmsford, who can put you right on such matters and who can help out on any water related jobs that need doing professionally. Reduced flow items are not expensive and can save water without even thinking about it.

The Modern Toilet

You must have seen them somewhere, but you might not be sure on which one to get. The dual flush system is now the most popular ecological system out there, and has been designed to save water by using less of it for flushing liquid waste than solid. Nearly all models have two buttons, one for a liquid waste flush and the other for solid waste and this kind of toilet has become more popular than ever.

Other Simple Ways

Water can be saved simply by paying attention to hygiene practices. Turn the water off at the sink when brushing teeth, washing hands or shaving. Take showers more than baths, and if bathing small children, use just enough water to clean them thoroughly. When your  children grow older, it will be really great to see them doing the right thing and being eco-friendly.

Talk it Over

If you live in a large household, and  especially with teenagers, talk over your intentions to try and save water with all family members. Tell and show them  ways that they can help out and practice simple  conservation tasks. In most cases, after seeing positive changes, children will be quick to follow. It might surprise you how simple it is to save water with a few easy steps and small changes in routine.

Water – Use it and don’t abuse it!

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