A Building Is Only as Good as Its Foundation


When you are looking for a company to complete foundation engineering for your building project, it’s important to work with a reputable company who has been in business for a while. Start-ups come and go, but the education and experience that long-term companies have can’t be beat. No matter the size of your building or the special contingencies it may have, a great foundation company will be able to create a foundation that will help your building stand for decades to come.


Perfect for both domestic and commercial customers, piling will help ensure that you have a strong base for your building. There are a few main kinds of piling that you can choose from, but customers shouldn’t have to make that choice. That’s the beauty of working with a quality company like Cannon Piling in London – they understand the industry, soil types, and customer needs and can make recommendations so that customers don’t feel the pressure of making these important decisions on their own. CFA piling, open bore piling, driven cased piling, contiguous piling, and secant piling are all available, but only one will be perfect for your use.


A strong foundation is integral to any building, no matter its size or use. Without a strong foundation, the weight of the building will eventually crack the walls and floors, necessitating expensive repairs and possibly requiring that the building be torn down and completely rebuilt. A strong foundation will also keep the building and its occupants safe during natural disasters such as a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado.

Another reason why a good foundation is so important is that it will keep water and moisture from getting into the building. If moisture is allowed to seep into the building, it will eventually weaken the structure and cause major problems. In addition, wet buildings are a perfect place for mould to grow. This is not only unsightly, it is also a health hazard for everyone who spends time in the building.

Dead and Live Loads

A solid foundation will be able to withstand two kinds of loads that are placed on it: “dead” and “live” loads. The dead load is the weight of the building itself. This remains constant throughout the life of the building. The live load changes as people enter and exit the building and bring items such as furniture and equipment with them.

In order for a building to last into the foreseeable future, it must be built on a firm foundation that will hold it strong and steady throughout the years. Using the correct kind of piling will help spread out the weight loads of the building and will help the building remain supported and strong. Trusting a reputable company to build your foundation is the best way to ensure the safety and security of all the people who will use the building.

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