Bi Fold Doors: The Choice for Appearance and Insulation Properties


When most people think of bi fold doors, the image in their minds is of convenience and ease of operation in locations where standard hinged doors won’t work quite as well. They may also think about the appearance of their homes with this door style enhancing the look and feel of their properties. It would be interesting to know how many property owners think of such benefits as energy savings and maximum ventilation when they decide to use bi fold doors.

This design not only offers space-saving benefits and allows for excellent airflow but uPVC doors offer excellent energy-saving benefits as well along with low-maintenance convenience. Combined with quality double-glazing, this may be one of the wisest choices that you can make for your home or small business. You can also plan for doors that will work with almost any home style or design.

UPVC: Not Necessarily White

You can choose from an array of colours including golden oak, nut tree, grey aluminium, black ash, and white, all providing maximum weather resistance, beautiful appearance, and freedom from maintenance. Consider the excellent insulation properties of these doors, which equals that of timber but without the time and expense of continued maintenance.

Windows and doors using uPVC frames have mitred-corner, fusion-welded construction, which is superior to the mechanical assembly generally found in wood and aluminium products. Add to this the fact that a uPVC frame has a much lower heat transfer coefficient than aluminium when quality double-glazing is used and you have all the features and benefits that you want and deserve. Of course, you not only enhance the appearance of your home with these quality doors and windows but you also increase the value of the property with this excellent addition.

Other benefits include resistance to environmental conditions, easy cleaning with a mild detergent and water, no rust or corrosion, termite resistance, reduced amounts of mould and bacteria, strong security benefits (resistance to intruder entry), and long life. Choose uPVC bi fold doors in Melbourne for renovation of a current home or building or for installation in new buildings. These products can be customised for your specific requirements and will always add to the visual appearance of your property. Choose from several laminated colours with a finish that stands up better than paint.

Insulation Properties

The energy-saving heat transfer properties of quality doors and windows has been mentioned but you and your family members will also benefit from the noise insulation properties of these products. For example, an open window may allow sound to enter the interior at a level of 80dB while a single-glazed window allows 60dB. A standard double-glazed window lowers this to 48dB but a uPVC window cuts this to 35dB.

Some companies survive in this competitive field by offering good door and window products and delivering suitable customer service. But a select few offer only the finest in uPVC doors and windows and make sure that each customer receives personal attention and unmatched customer service. Make the wise choice and select the best doors and windows available today.


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