Best Outlet Covers to Consider to Protect Your Kids


Finding the best outlet cover depends on the needs at hand: for instance ease of use where the covers are not difficult to remove out, and the need to protect kids from electric shock at best. Here are some of the best outlet covers to buy and meet those needs.

  1. 1. Rhoost Decoy Outlet Cover: The cover features a design in such a way as to blend in with the outlet to conceal the holes of the socket and thus preventing kids from inserting fingers in the sockets. They snap into place although they are easy to remove when you need to use the socket.

They feature a white design that blends in with the socket and are not easy to notice for kids.

  1. Dreambaby:  This is a clear plastic piece is very simple in design and will fit the inside of the outlet to prevent the baby from accessing the outlet. Although the toddler can remove the outlet, it is not a bad option. The pack has 48-count pack.
  2. Safety baby self-closing outlet cover: A self closing cover requires a little more installation work as the installer will need to unscrew the existing outlet to screw it into place. The cover features a small “valve” operated by means of the spring, which will close if the socket is not in use and open when pressed as you plug in your device into the socket. Therefore, it will self-close to cover the socket holes such that kids will not insert fingers and expose themselves to dangers.

This is the most comfortable option for those looking for electrical outlet covers as you will not need to remove anything once installation is done.

  1. Safety 1st Deluxe Press Fit Outlet Plugs: This is the option to go for if the baby or toddler has been pulling out the rest of the easy-to-pull-out covers. Babies learn from parents by observing and thus may eventually learn to remove the simple plastic plugs and expose themselves to shocks.

You can go for option number three in this list or this type that features a locking mechanism to prevent kids from accessing sockets. It features two buttons that you need to press when removing the cover off of the outlet: one button is on the top side of the cover and the other is on the left side of the outlet. You push the button on the left side and then hold the top button on the plug cover. Hence, this cover adds in a more advanced way of removing compared to the number one and two and makes it hard for the babies to figure out to remove it.

  1. Coverplug electrical outlet cover: This cover “disappears,” making it hard for babies to see. You basically press the posts on the back of the Coverplug into the grounding holes in the top and bottom socket of the outlet.
  2. LectraLock electrical outlet box: This is a box-style outlet cover that encloses the outlets even with cords plugged in. Thus, these electrical outlet covers make it hard for the baby to pull out the cords even when they are plugged in. This is the best option for gadgets that must remain powered on for so long. You press the top and bottom button on the box in order to open it.

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