A Beginner’s Guide to Powder Coating Equipment


When you know that you need to powder coat but are unsure where to begin, there are many tips and guidelines that can assist in the process of getting what is needed. Whether you are only curious about professional powder coating or ready to install your first coating line, learning what you can before you get started can ease the process. Additionally, it is beneficial for you to contact reputable companies with many years of experience in installing and maintaining such equipment.

What it Is

Powder coating is a process of finishing with many steps involved from start to finish and the first step is to choose a product, most often a metal part, that is cleaned and prepared. From there, the product is coated with a fine powder by a powder coating machine that is designed to provide an even and level coating to the entire product. The powder will cover all of the item’s surface area and, in the final step, the part is then removed into a curing oven where it is heated to cause the powder to melt and flow into a uniform coating that is adhered to the product.

At the end of this process, you should have a product that is more durable and with an attractive coating that is designed to improve the metal in every way. Once coated, heated, and then cooled, you can rely on the melted powder to remain hardened permanently. This should provide a reliable and durable product that can be utilised with a minimised risk of damage such as scratching and other abrasions that can detract from performance.

Equipment Needed

To get the right equipment for the job, visit pbmetalfinishingsystems.com and then contact a qualified representative who will talk you through your many options. For pre-treatment, you receive the best results by getting your product free of dust, oil, rust, old paint, finish material, and debris. Anything left on your product prior to powder coating will affect the powder’s performance and smooth finish after time in the curing oven and its durability and appearance may also be affected.

This is why pre-treated equipment is necessary. Then you must consider whether you need powder guns or powder spray booths. Most commonly, the powder application is done using specialty powder spray guns but it is also more convenient for some to use spray booths. A booth will provide an even coating without exception and ensure that no areas of the product are missed due to human error or malfunctions in the spray gun.

A spray booth is designed to keep the rest of your shop clean while providing maximum efficiency and lighting. All powder spray booths have one or more exhaust fans for safety and these will utilise filters to capture much of the overspray. If properly used, you should see the powder spray kept inside the enclosure and away from the eyes of the painter, allowing him or her to see each action as it is performed during the painting process, which is a critical aspect of any type of powder coating project.

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