Some awesome ways to safely store the holiday decorations


While decorating the home for the holidays can be real fun, it is equally frustrating to store these decorative items. Decoration items are fragile and only if you store them with perfection, you can think of using them again in the next season.

Right from artificial trees to decorative lights and several house decoration stuffs, each one of the item demand unique care and perfection while packing and storing. In this post, let us discuss some of the best ways to pack and store holiday decoration and preserve them till the next holidays:

  • Artificial trees:

Artificial trees are a onetime investment that can be used for years, only if you take proper care of them. To make sure you store it safely, it is important to assess the weight of the tree.

Usually, artificial trees are heavy and large in size and moving them to one level up or down in the home is not a very good idea.

If you have bought a gigantic tree with considerable weight, try storing it in a room on the same level, it was used. You can make use of the store room, garage or many be a large closet.

You can easily dismantle it and move it to the desired storage space using a rolling case.

  • Christmas lights:

A beautifully lit Christmas light decoration is pleasing to the eyes, but it is also tormenting when you have to pack these decorative lights without damaging or tangling them.

You should label each strand of the light with the help of a masking tape and a marker and label out things such as the length of the lights or where it was used the previous year. Take extra care while securing the strands and role the entire light, focusing on preventing any damage to the bulbs. Use a zipper bag or a box with partitions to store the lights with safety.

  • Ornament storage:

The Christmas tree decoration without ornaments is out of imagination. You need a lot of ornament which definitely come with an expensive bill.

Besides taking off the ornaments from the tree with utmost care, you should place them in a closet that has clear partition and hard base to keep the ornaments still. Packing them in a box is another option, however, you cannot pack them in a zippered bag or a plastic bag.

  • Storage units:

Whether you live in a compact apartment or a villa with ample of space, you cannot just store everything at home. Every home has a map, which should be filled enough to provide you comfortable space to walk, play, recreate or utilize whatever is the purpose of the room.

Thus storing decorations in your home is a big no. so, where should you move your holiday decorations? The answer is simple- storage units Indianapolis. These storage units are a great way to safely store your holiday decorations and preserve them for the next holiday season.

Not only storage units are safe but they are also affordable hence you do not have to bear any extra burdens on your budget.

These were some amazing ways to store the holiday decoration items with perfection to preserve them for the next season. Try these out and save a lot of money in buying fresh decoration items every year.


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