A Whole New World: How The Right Rug Can Magically Transform Your Room.


When it comes to decorating, rugs play a vital role. Sometimes a very large rug is laid at the center of a room as a focal point that feeds off the colors in the walls and the furniture. Oriental rugs have long been a popular choice and can bring a sense of mysticism into your home, These are great for formal rooms or master bedrooms.

Those who are looking to show off the architectural lines of a space may prefer rugs that feature geometric designs, or a mostly solid color rug with a simple design around the edges. Game rooms and children’s rooms display a sense of fun and adventure with a brightly colored shag rug that makes working or playing on the floor comfortable. Even college aged students often like to bring a small shag room on campus to add a little personality.

Smaller Rugs For Space Definition

While large rugs make great focal points and can set the scene for the whole room, small rugs are a great way to use decorating to create definition either within a room or between rooms. A very large room may have the space to support several different functions, such as a media center with a television and games, a more subdue area with bookcases and perhaps a reading chair or desk, and the corner of the room where kids can play with toys.

With small rugs, you can support all these functions by centering the rugs into each purpose area.

Small rugs can also reinforce territories. Many homes have a living and dining area that run into one another without any walls, rugs can be used to make these divisions more clear. Runner rugs not only accentuate hallways but are also great for rooms that need to be shared by two people, creating a division and making it clear who has each side.

Rugs on the Wall

Rugs aren’t just for the floor, they can hang on the wall as well as a tapestry. Many have geometric designs that will give a wall a cross between a wallpaper look and a painted look. They are a great option for apartments as well as homes that are owned because the wall they rest on isn’t compromised through paint, and you can pick out something that truly reflects your style.

Rugs on the wall can also provide some level of insulation, both heat and sound which can potentially lower energy bills and make the transition to bedtime a little easier, especially when not everyone is on the same sleep schedule.

You Can Change Your Mind

One of the best things about using rugs for decorating is that it is easy to reinvent yourself any time you want. Unlike carpet, getting a rug cleaned or replaced doesn’t have to be an ordeal. The rugs can also be repositioned, or moved to different rooms as your decorating needs and tastes evolve. You may even decide to get a completely different rug to add to your home’s look.

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