5 Hints That You Need a Durable, New Door


The front door is certainly an important part of your home – in terms of aesthetics, safety and warmth. Despite being an important component of your home, front doors their maintenance is often lax. However, they should be given a check from time to time. There are some sure-fire signs that will indicate if you need to have it replaced by a stronger door.

Dents and Dinks: Some doors are not strong enough to be protective front doors. If it is not well-laminated, moisture sets in and compromises it structurally. This means that every time you give it a little kick when your hands are full, a small dent appears. Besides looking awful, would you want this door to protect you and your family?  

Hassle to Open and Close: If you’re struggling to push the door open and close in the cold seasons (or the rainy), but is much easier to open in the summer.  This means that the moisture content in it is making it stick. This also means that some warmth from the inside is leaking out, making your home less energy efficient that it should be.  

Water Damage: Water damage includes anything from warps and wefts in the wood to moisture caught between the glass panes of your door. If moisture sets in between the panes of your door, then comes mould or mildew. This can happen especially when the door is old and the seal between the panes of glass wears off. And when the door does not receive much direct sunlight the mould can spread to your entire house if not addressed immediately.

Weathering and cracks: Over time, a door does get damaged and is subject to weathering. Apart from warps and wefts, there could also be cracks in it. Look closely at the body and see if you can spot any stress fractures. If they are present, it means that energy or warmth is seeping out of these cracks. This makes it energy inefficient and it may take much longer to warm your home.

Gaps in the Frame: If light seeps from the tiny gaps between the door and its frame, or you feel a cold draft coming in from underneath. Many doors have something called a spring-loaded threshold. You could call a professional to see if you could just have that part replaced rather than getting a whole front door.

One of the key features of your home, you should pay close attention to your durable front doors. Inspecting it from time to time will make sure that you catch any signs of weakness. Replacing these early could make a huge difference in terms of safety and energy-efficiency.

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