4 Advantages of Choosing Window Blinds Over Curtains


If you’re thinking about renovating your home and need to choose a new feature for your windows, blinds are definitely a better option over conventional curtains. Blinds are a great way to rejuvenate your window space and come in a wide variety of shapes and colours. Window blind help to regulate the temperature in your home and are easily adjustable when controlling the amount of sunlight that enters your premises.

Window blinds offer multiple advantages over traditional curtains, here is a selection of four.

  • Protection

The main purpose of installing window blinds is to shield your home from the outside environment, they allow you to control how much sunlight enters your home and how bright you want an area to be. Window blinds are excellent for protecting your household furniture as you can shut them any time you wish so the sun’s rays don’t damage your them. Overexposure to sunlight can cause your furniture to look old and faded, making household items lose their colour and aesthetic appeal.

Window blinds are also useful when trying to control the temperature in your room, they have adjustable fittings which allow you to choose how much sunlight you want to penetrate a particular area. If the room temperature is too cool, you can open the blinds and let the sun heat up the room without wasting money on electricity bills.

  • Privacy

The problem with curtains is that they only provide one option in relation to privacy, you either open or close conventional curtains, in contrast, window blinds allow a much greater level of privacy. Blinds such as dual rollers allow customers to easily control what outside viewers can see, they act as a shield from pedestrians and also protect your home from individual with more sinister motives.

  • Versatile

Window blinds are versatile and can be purchased in several different colours, patterns, and designs. The great thing about this is they you can easily find a product which will enhance the overall look of your room. Conventional curtains do not offer the same selection as blinds and are not as versatile, they are made from a more stubborn material which is difficult to manipulate into other patterns and designs. For example, if you are searching for vertical blinds in Newcastle, it would be easy to find a company who not only supply vertical blinds, but also provide a service which allows for customisation, unlike many traditional curtain companies.

  • Maintenance

Window blinds are far easier to maintain in comparison to curtains, the material allows for easy cleaning, and stains are wiped away using a wet cloth and some cleaning solution. On the other hand, if you get a stain on a curtain you will have to take down the whole unit and send it to be dry cleaned.

There are several advantages to installing window blinds over traditional curtains in your home, they are low maintenance, versatile, and allow for a high degree of privacy. Furthermore, they help protect against overexposure to sunlight, keeping your furniture looking brand new.

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