10 Reasons to Hire Scaffolding Companies for Projects


If you’re an independent contractor who does painting or plastering, you may have occasions when you need to have scaffolding put up to complete your work. When you don’t need equipment or tools for everyday use, it can be a waste of money to buy them. Here are five reasons that you should hire a scaffolding company to erect the appropriate towers when you need them erected to provide services to clients.

No Experts Needed

When scaffolding needs to be erected to complete interior or exterior work, it needs to be put in place by someone trained to in how to properly construct scaffold towers. Depending on where it is being put up, licenses may need to be obtained before it can be erected, which could easily delay your projects. By hiring a company to erect scaffolding for you, you don’t have to hire someone who has been trained in constructing and inspecting them or you don’t have to take time off to get trained yourself.

Company Can Assess Needs

When you need a scaffolding tower hire, the company you work with can go to your job site to assess what is needed and get any necessary permits or licenses. Since they are professionals, they will know exactly what type and how high of a scaffold tower is needed to complete the job. They can also inspect the scaffolding as required by law to ensure its safety after storms or to make any necessary alterations.

No Construction Necessary

Although it isn’t difficult to put together scaffolding, when you hire a company who specialises in it, it can be ready when you arrive at the job site. You won’t have to study diagrams or materials to know which type of tower to build. The company you hire to erect the towers will erect the right type for you and your crew to work on the project you’ve been hired for.

No Storage Needed

When your client’s project is completed, you won’t have to take down the scaffolding and put it in storage. Since you may only use it on occasion, it would take up space that you need in your garage or warehouse where it would just gather dust until the next time it is needed. However, by hiring a scaffolding company, you don’t have to do anything except let the company you’ve hired know that your project is done so they can pick up their equipment.

Reduced Liability

Even though you will have employee liability insurance in case someone on the crew is injured or gets sick, if the injury is related to the construction of the scaffolding, your liability may be reduced. The company who erected the scaffold tower is responsible for ensuring its safety so if something goes wrong, the employee could hold them responsible. You may be able to get recourse as well for the expenses paid by your insurance policy.

Reduce Costs

When you hire scaffolding services for your next project, you can expect to pay about £15 per meter in most cases, depending on what material the scaffolding is made from. If you choose to buy scaffolding for future projects, you may pay about £526 for a single wide scaffold tower measuring only 0.85m X 1.8m long. However, when you purchase scaffolding, you will be responsible for putting it together, getting any necessary permits, and making sure it stays safe for you and your crew.

Allows Workers to Stay Safe

If you are working with equipment high off the ground, the safest way to do so is to have scaffolding erected on the project site. It can be difficult to carry equipment up a ladder and use it safely when working either indoors or outdoors on a project. It is easier and safer to hoist equipment up to the tower when you’re standing on scaffolding; plus, you can work faster when you’re alone on the job site by using scaffolding.

Always Correct Equipment

Unless you’re an expert on scaffolding, you could easily buy equipment that you may not be able to use on every job site. There are different types of scaffolding, connectors, tubes, and other parts needed to make a tower safe to climb and work on. By having scaffolding erected by experts in the field, you will always have the right equipment needed for the job site on which you’re working, whether it is inside of a house or on the exterior of it.

Gives Crew More Security

When working high off the ground, such as at roof level, using a ladder can make some people nervous. However, since scaffolding provides a wide platform on which to work, nervous employees will feel more secure about doing work so high off the ground and will get more done. In addition, there is room for any equipment and supplies needed to work on the painting or plastering project.

Saves Time

Instead of needing to build a scaffolding tower when you get to a new job site, you can hire it done and have it waiting for your crew to go to work. The tower will be the correct height and width when it is erected on site by the company you hire so you won’t have to worry about adding to it to reach the highest parts of the house if you don’t calculate the height correctly when you build it the first time. Since they are experts in the field, the tower will be made from the safest materials for the type of work you do.

If you need a scaffolding tower erected on the exterior or interior of a house, hiring the erection of it will provide you and your crew with a safe workspace so the project will go faster and be done on schedule. It will help also save time on your job site and it costs much less to hire a company to erect scaffolding than it does to purchase equipment that will only gather dust because you may not use it except on rare occasions.

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