How Will An Inspection Determine Whether You Want To Buy A House


When you are thinking about purchasing a new house, you need as much information about the property as possible. It is not enough to have a cursory look around the house before you sign on the dotted line.

You can hire a specialist company to carry out a full inspection of the property. They will compile a full report for you to take a look at, and the contents of the report are going to influence whether you decide to purchase the house or you move onto another property.

How will an inspection determine whether you want to buy a house?

Assess The Drainage System And The Toilet

The building inspections in Perth will assess whether the drainage system and the toilets are working correctly. These need to be in perfect condition when you are thinking about buying the house.

  • If the assessment is positive, then factor this into your overall decision to buy the house.

Assess The Sinks And The Taps

The inspection will assess whether the sinks and the taps are working smoothly and allowing for a good flow of water. These need to be in top condition when you are thinking about signing on the dotted line.

  • If the assessment is a good one, then factor this into your final decision.

Assess The Showers And Bathtubs

The inspection will assess whether the shower and the bathtub are up to the required standard for you to use them properly.

  • If this assessment is positive, then you will want to factor it into your final judgement about whether you should sign on the dotted line. Remember to always take your time when making these kinds of decisions.

Assess The Power Sockets

The assessment will check the quality of the power sockets which are in the house. These sockets need to comply with safety standards to make sure that there is absolutely no risk of fire or electric shock for the people who are using them.

  • If the assessment is good, then you should think about buying the house then and there.

Assess The Garage Door

The assessment process will take into account the condition of the garage door. The door needs to be robust with absolutely no signs of physical damage.

  • If the assessment is preferable, then you need to factor this into the overall decision about buying the house.

Check For Any Signs Of Damp At All

The assessment is going to take in whether there is any sign of damp or mould that is affecting the property. Damp and mould can cause health problems so they need to be taken extremely seriously. The house needs to be completely dry in order to protect your health if you eventually decide that you would like to buy the property and move in.


A full assessment is going to give you a better idea about whether you should sign on the dotted line to buy a house.

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