Is Your Water Heater Running?


In your home, a lot of unseen appliances make your modern life more comfortable. Your heater is one of those items. For example, when the temperature begins to drop, you probably turn your heater on and expect it to work. If you have not turned the heater on for a few seasons, you may experience several fits and starts, but you expect the appliance to work efficiently.

You most likely have the same expectation regarding your water heater. When you turn the knob for hot water, you expect hot water to pour out of your faucets after a few minutes. However, what do you do if the water fails to flow properly? Troubleshooting a water heater depends on the type of problem you are having.

Hot Water Takes Too Long

If you turn your faucet knobs to hot water and the hot water takes a while to heat efficiently, you are probably experiencing a hot water heater problem. First, you should determine how long the water took to warm up in the past. Depending on the size of your water heater, the length of your plumbing, and the weather outside, hot water may take longer to come through the faucet.

If the process has always taken a long time, you are probably not experiencing a new situation. However, your water heater most likely has a faulty system that needs repairing. If you are not happy with the deliverance of hot water, you should call Glasgow plumbers who specialize in water heater repairs. Alternately, if the problem is new, you should seriously consider calling a plumber.

The problem probably relates to one of the following issues: either your water heater is not receiving an efficient gas flow to keep the flame burning high or the electrical connections in your water heater are not operating as they should. As a temporary solution, you can attempt to turn up the heat on your water heater. If that does not solve your problem or if you do not feel comfortable with increasing the temperature, you should find a local plumber to address your problem.

No Hot Water

If you are not receiving hot water at all, you should consider calling a plumber quickly. First, you should see if your gas heater’s pilot light is out. The lack of hot water can simply mean that the light has gone out and needs to be restarted. If this is not the case or if you do not feel comfortable lighting the pilot, call a plumber.

If the pilot light is still on or if you have an electric heater, you have a different problem. With an electric heater, you should check to see if other appliances on the circuit are working. Testing the circuit is simple. Many outlets actually have a button you simply press to test their connectivity. If your outlet does not have a switch, you can plug in a small appliance, such as a battery charger, to see if it responds.

If you are not sure which circuit feeds your electric water heater, you should inspect the fuse box and see if it is mapped. If you do not know the fuse box’s precise location or if the circuit is not mapped properly, a professional can help you determine the exact problem.

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