Do you want to remodel your kitchen? Look at the trends


Many times we feel like renovating our homes. If you feel like changing the kitchen, or your equipment, for example, these are the trends for 2017.What used to be this space solely intended for cooking and eating, has now become a much more integrated and important place in the day to day.

For this reason, the kitchens are no longer conceived as before, where they were considered spaces only for the elaboration of the food. Today, they are more spacious, decorated, we would almost say a multifunctional space where to spend pleasant moments. In addition to this, the diversity of kitchen furniture lines, equipment technology, design artifacts, and other well-chosen accessories are the perfect complement to one of the most important places in the home.

Therefore, it is important to consider that you should think about the functionality without leaving aside design details, decoration and equipment.

According to kitchen remodeling fairfax vathe kitchens this year opt for a purity in style, elegance and great simplicity. They continue as the most chosen kitchens with island or bar, a trend that has come to stay. Two materials that are being used in kitchens are concrete and wood. Both materials combined, generate very sophisticated and ultra-modern spaces.

In furniture

Some new features in the design have to do with the cabinets in a horizontal position to take better advantage of the space versus the verticality that had been showing in recent years. The new organizational systems for the interior of cabinets and drawers, are perfect for the smaller kitchens, seeking to improve the organization and the functionality.

Continuing with the furnishing, the gray color is a safe bet that brings elegance and modernity at the same time. Combining two-color furniture is also up-to-date, so if you do not dare put all your kitchen in gray, a good option may be just use it on the bottom and on the top bet on the classic white. Or if you are more played, a totally gray kitchen combined with wood and a blank countertop can be a total success.Another trend seeks greater luminosity because it gives a sense of spaciousness and order in different spaces. The color trends are still marked by whites and grays or steel.

Rendor kitchens continue with the trends in kitchens with stainless steel, another material that is gaining more ground not only in industrial kitchens where it has been a classic for decades.Nor can we dispense with the color of the wood, combined with vivid colors in tiles and kitchen utensils where the contrast plays an important role.

That is to say, for an ideal and modern kitchen you have to look for kitchen furniture, bazaar items, even organizers and even ingenious and colorful taps. Play with the architectural and everything you saw and equip a kitchen to have the perfect result.

Do not forget that today there is a wide variety of shapes and designs of kitchens, built-in ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, kitchen hoods and air extractors that allow you to combine with what best looks in that special environment


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