Types of blades of a ceiling fan


If you decided to move into a new house or a new apartment, then the very first thing that comes to your mind is proper ventilation, that will not only reduce the sweat from your body but will also give an oomph to the entire look of the room. One of the most useful home appliances in a house comes out to be ceiling fans. It is needless to say that the interior decorators have started to take these mighty machines with multiple blades seriously when it comes to furnishing the home with an elegant or sophisticated look. Whenever you visit electric goods store, you will surely be flabbergasted to see so many options for ceiling fans with multiple numbers of blades. Ever wondered as to why the number of blades varies from one fan model to another? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place where you will get answers to each question you have regarding the ceiling fans. It is needless to say, the very concept of a boring ceiling fan with standard three blades has gone through a huge transformation.

3-blade fans: These are the most common types of ceiling fan used in India. Contrary to popular belief, a fan doesn’t reduce the room temperature as such; they circulate the air inside the room removing our sweat. When sweat evaporates from the body, it takes away some heat from our body, that’s how fans give us a cooling effect. Studies have proven that 3-blade fans have the most efficiency in circulating airflow. Also reduced number of blades means that reduced weight, so the operation of the fan will be using less energy.

4-blade fans: As the name suggests these fans will have four blades. They are commonly used in the US. As opposed to the 3-blade fans, 4-blade fans will only have three-speed settings. The reason for the reduced speeds is because 4-blade fans are used as a means to circulate air in an air-conditioned room. In Indian homes, fans are the only cooling appliance used in a room. So for circulating air in an air-conditioned room, the fan doesn’t need to operate at high speeds. This is why four blade fans have reduced speeds. They are available in a variety of ornamental designs.

5-blade fans: Like 4-blade fans, these type of fans are used to circulate air inside an air-conditioned room. They won’t have high-speed settings like of a 3-blade fan. 5-blade fans are used mostly for their aesthetic designs and outlook. Because of the added weight from the five blades they take more energy to operate. Almost all 5-blade fans have some form of ornamental lighting fixtures or designs to them.

More than 5-blade setup: There are ceiling fans available with more than five blades, these are used only for their aesthetic feel. As the number of blades increases, the actual air it can move decreases. So do not buy these if you think they do have superior cooling property than other fans, they do not. If you have a well air-conditioned room, you can buy this type of fans to add a flare to the overall look of the room. They’re available in many funky designs and forms.

There are also 2-blade and even 1-blade ceiling fan setups available on the market, but they tend to be very costly. If you are interested to know more, you can go through online websites too.

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