Tree Surgery Involves Various Operations


Any kind of tree surgery ensures that a yard will be more pleasing to the eye as well as secure. That is why you need to make sure you are partnered with a company that is well-experienced in this type of work. Plus, a tree surgeon can offer an array of services, each of which serve a vital purpose in enhancing the looks of your property’s landscape.

Crown Reduction

Most tree surgery services include tree removal, crown reduction, pollarding, crown lifting, felling, and section felling. When a tree’s crown is reduced, the branches are trimmed back to the side branches, minimising a tree’s volume and size. However, the natural shape of the tree is retained. This operation is performed to increase the space and light in a garden.


In the case of pollarding, tree surgeons in SG13 prune a tree so its minor branches are removed. This operation promotes the growth of lateral branches and is undertaken about three metres above the ground.

Economical yet Efficient

Crown lifting is a process that increases the space between the crown and ground. Typically, the lower branches are removed to achieve this effect. This operation is an economical yet efficient way to add light into a garden area.

Felling and Section Felling

When tree felling is performed, the surgeon makes careful cuts at a trunk’s base so the tree will be directed to fall safely. Section felling, on the other hand, is the careful dismantling of a tree. Rigging equipment must be used along with lowering ropes to section and remove the branches.

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