Transform your Living Room with a Stone Fireplace


If you live in the UK, you probably have fond memories of watching your favourite TV programs in front of a coal fire when you were young, and despite the emergence of modern HVAC systems, more and more homeowners are being lured back to the traditional fireplace. There are online companies that can design and install a range of unique fireplaces, bringing that cosy feeling back into those long winter nights.

Stacked Stone Fireplaces

If you want something really rustic and Olde English looking, consider a stacked stone surround, and with a choice of either a real of faux flame, you can really change the ambience of any lounge. Online suppliers make sourcing a breeze, and if you happen to be in the north of England, you can find affordable stone fireplaces in Lincolnshire, or any other county for that matter, and by choosing a reputable company, you can be sure of a perfect installation.

Timber Combinations

The timeless look of natural stone blends perfectly with timber, and by having a range of shelves and a hardwood mantle, you can create a unique look that will make your living room the most popular location to spend your downtime, even in the summer. The modern fireplace supplier would have an interesting website, with many inspiring images and designs that are not only affordable, they are easy to install.

Brick Designs

Bricks come in so many shapes, sizes and colours, it is possible to create something uniquely individual, and by careful mixing of brick types, you can add both colour and depth to any living room. Brickwork adds a certain character, especially if your home already has brickwork, and with careful colour coding, you can make the room look special.

Professional Advice

If you are looking for fireplace ideas, it makes sense to consult an expert, and with online suppliers, you can get some inspiration, and most companies will also offer installation and design services, to make the project complete. One of the main reasons it pays to talk to an expert is they would have so many design ideas that you might not have considered, and with most companies able to work to the client’s budget, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Dry or Wet

A skilled stone mason can easily construct a dry fireplace, that is, no mortar would be used to fix the stone in place, and this traditional method is still practiced by some tradesmen, which looks stunning when done properly. The stone can be held together using mortar, and any colour can be mixed, giving you even more design options, and that extra layer of colour can really make a difference.

The traditional stone masons would consider each project as a challenge, and you might be surprised at what they are able to achieve, and if your home is styled accordingly, natural stone makes the perfect material, and with a professional installation, the winter will become a season you look forward to for the first time since you were a child.

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