Top 4 Ideas to Reuse the Shower Curtains


If you have recently changed the look of your bathroom and replaced all the bath mats and shower curtains with the new ones that match your color theme and you probably think what to do with the old curtains and mats. Perhaps they are not that torn out or damaged and can be reused in some or the other way.

If you are a creative person and like doing imaginative creativity with all the old stuff lying around in the house, there is a great piece of resource in the form of old shower curtains that you can use to create useful household things. The top 4 DIY ideas are listed below that you can do with your imagination and creativity out of the spare shower curtains.

  • Turn a Shower Curtain into a Tote Bag!

If you ask about how a shower curtain can be turned into a tote bag, well, if you have printed or textured spare shower curtains, you can make it into a tote bag. There is no such thing as too many tote bags in the house. Instead of buying tote bags, you can simply create one from the spare materials that you already have. Get the ideas of making a DIY shower curtain tote bag from the internet, and you are good to go.

  • Porch Swing and an Opaque Shower Curtain as a Stage!

There is one exciting way to use the plastic or fabric shower curtain, which is by using an old porch swing, as a frame and put the old shower curtains on the top rod just like you do it on the shower rod, and you just made a ready-made stage for the kids! Kids love this stage thing as the curtains are opaque and they can use it as a stage, hide and seek, etc.

  • Shower curtains as your pet’s bed cover!

If you own a pet dog or a cat and you are fed up of the excess hair on their bed sheets, you can make a smoother bed for your pet out of the fabricated shower curtains that will simply slide off the hair. The shower curtains can be used instead of the harder material bed covers that are usually available for the pets. Your pets are going to love the soft fabric of their new bed, and there will be lesser hair problems for you to clean it from time to time.

  • Shower curtains as a picnic blanket

Using the old shower curtains in the form of picnic blankets or bags are a great idea as the material will help you in protecting from the dew or moisture present on the ground while you sit back and relax. You can also use these curtains as picnic bags or totes. As the latest trend involves totes of various designs and textures, you can make one with the help of your spare shower curtains and use it on family picnics, etc.


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