Tips for Washing Machine Maintenance


If you want to get great results when you clean your laundry, you must ensure your washing machine is working at its optimum level. Your clothes will only come out looking brand new if you take steps to properly maintain your machine, this involves regular cleaning, checking, and parts replacement, when and where necessary. Choosing to take care of your washing machine will avoid the chances of a breakdown, keeping your machine operating with little issues long into the future.

Here are 6 tips to help maintain your washing machine:

  • Water Hose

The water hose is one of the most important parts of a washing machine considering it transports water into and out of the washing machine drum. If it gets damaged it will inevitably leak and cause all sorts of issues with your machine, it is vital that you regularly check this component to ensure it has no cracks, holes, or bulging.

  • Space

Your washing machine should always have enough space between the wall and the unit, if it is pushed up too close against the wall it can cause the hose at the back of the machine to kink, this may require the hose to be replaced. Make sure your unit is at least 5 inches from the wall so it does not damage the hose when turned on.

  • Level Surface

It is important that you place your washing machine on a level surface to ensure stability when the unit is operating, a washing machine which is not aligned correctly with the floor can rock, jump, and vibrate across the room when it is set to powerful modes such as a spin cycle. This motion can cause internal damage to the unit and may also cause problems to your floor.

  • Appropriate Measurements

Measuring your detergent while cleaning clothes is often overlooked by many people who do not take proper care of their washing machines. Read the guidelines for your unit and only put in the required amount of detergent, if you constantly ignore the recommended guidelines you will soon find issues with your washing machine. Loading your washing machine with too much powder will leave a residue on your clothes along with severally damaging your unit.

  • Clean the Washing Machine

Like any cleaning appliance, a washing machine needs to be kept clean. Check the lint filter to ensure it is clean and working effectively, also buy a washing machine cleaner and run it through the unit to help maintain its efficiency.

  • Alternatives

If you feel you are not capable of servicing a washing machine or you simply do not have the time to sit down and assess your unit, there are other alternatives. You can avail of professional services, for example, if you need washing machine repair in Birmingham, there are several businesses you could contact who could conduct professional maintenance checks on your unit.

It is important to carefully maintain your washing machine to ensure its longevity and to keep the unit operating at an optimal level.

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