Taking Care of Water Heater Removal and Water Heater Installation


Your water heater needs regular maintenance and failing to paying attention to those minor issues could lead to serious problems that would cost you a lot. In most cases, you can do those minor repairs on your own, but sometimes, things spiral out of control and you are left with no choice but to replace your water heater. This is especially true if your water heater is at least 8 years old. You have to keep a number of things in mind when buying a new unit and handling water heater installation.

When it comes to buying a new unit, you should consider your specific needs. If your old unit has been working perfectly to meet all your needs, you may want to stick with the same type of unit. Keep in mind that an average family of four with two showers usually requires at least a 65-gallon unit. If you are a large family, you may want to pick a unit accordingly. Moreover, once you have decided about the size, you need to pay attention how costly it is going to run that unit. You can find that information on the heater and know about the annual cost of operation for that unit.

Going Forward with Water Heater Installation

If you have never handled such tasks in the past, it is better to call in a professional. You will have to remove the old unit first and then install a new one. This does not have to be a tricky process, but do not take chances if you are not sure of what you are doing. To help remove the old gas water heater, try the following steps:

  • Start by turning off the gas. You can do it by using the cut-off valve.
  • Now, turn off the water supply. You will now need to drain the tank completely and you can do it using a garden hose.
  • You may have to cut the line in case the pipes are hard-plumbed, but sometimes, you can just unscrew the connection and disconnect the pipes.
  • Once done, remove the water heater.

New Water Heater Installation

Once you have removed the heater, you will now have to install a new one. Again, the process can be simple but physically demanding, so be sure to hire a professional if you have any doubt in your mind.

  • Simply get your new water heater, put it in place, and reconnect the pipes. You may want to add connector hoses at this stage, especially if you did not have them already.
  • Ensure that the hot water faucets stay open throughout the process. Once connected, turn on the water supply. This ensures that no air gets trapped in the lines.
  • Allow the water to flow from each faucet for a few minutes and then turn them off. Proceed with reconnecting the wires.
  • Now, turn on the gas and wait for a few minutes. Your heater should work fine and provide you with hot water in no time.

Keep in mind that it seems simple to have a new water heater installed, but things can go wrong if you are not familiar with different plumbing tasks. Be sure to hire a professional and ask them to handle everything if you are a novice.

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