Specialised Services That Electricians Offer


Everybody knows what an electrician does; they are skilled professionals who deal with electrical issues. However, most people only think that an electrician is called on the scene when there is an electrical problem. But apart from solving general electricity problems in buildings, electricians also offer a plethora of other services. In the following paragraphs, you will learn about some of the many specialised services that electricians offer to commercial, as well as residential clients.

Power Distribution

If you take a look at the distribution panel in your house, you will see a number of switches and many lights. If you remove the panel, there are hundreds of wires connecting to multiple fuses here and there. It’s all very confusing, and not something that an inexperienced person should mess with. If you have recently purchased a powerful appliance, you might need to call in certified electricians in Bedford for the job of hooking it up. Power distribution is a serious issue, and if the power isn’t properly distributed around the house, the circuit breakers will trip every time you turn the appliance on.

Lighting Installations

Fluorescent bulbs are fast going out of fashion, as people are replacing them with more and more energy efficient options such as LED lights. If you are considering replacing the lighting in your house, you can call an electrician to do the job for you. LED lights consume much less energy and provide much better illumination.

Inspection Tests

If you are looking at a new house that you want to buy, it is important that you hire an electrician to carry out an inspection test to ensure that the wiring is set in properly and that there are no electrical problems in the house. Apart from that, you can also have inspection tests done on any property that you let out as a rental.


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