Six Tips for Renovating a Bathroom


The kitchen is the first room homeowners consider when they want to renovate their homes. However, the bathroom is often chosen by homeowners who want a luxurious place to relax after a hard day at work. Here are six tips to use when considering a bathroom renovation.

Keep Layout

Renovating a bathroom can be expensive when you start tearing down walls and moving water and sewer pipes. To keep costs under control, work with your bathroom’s existing layout. The only time you should consider moving plumbing is if you want to make the room larger so you can have a shower in the room as well as a tub, or to add a larger tub, jetted tub.

Renovate in Phases

Spread out the cost of renovating your bathroom by making one change at a time. It may take several weeks or months to complete, but it will allow you to have use of the bathroom while such work is being done. You can also do some of the easier changes yourself, such as painting, replacing taps, and adding the finishing touches to save money.

Get Plumbing Inspected

Before you start making changes to the bathroom, inspect the plumbing to find any potential problems. You can do some of the work yourself to save money, as well as find problems that require repairs. Conduct experiments like flushing the toilet and turning on the taps in the sinks and bathtub to check for any drainage or water pressure issues.

You should also inspect the pipes under the sinks and behind the toilet for connection issues, water leaks, or cracks. Look for potential plumbing problems behind walls by checking for dampness, as well as inspect tiles and dark spaces in the bathroom for signs of mould. If you find problems, call someone to repair your bathroom plumbing in Artarmon right away.

Replace Fixtures

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to modernise your bathroom because you can make little changes that will give it a facelift. It can be as simple as replacing the taps with sleek, modern versions made from stainless steel, brushed copper, or bronze. You can even choose cabinet hardware like drawer pulls and hinges to match the fixtures.

Add Better Lighting

Many bathrooms are too dark since they only have an overhead light. It can be difficult to put on makeup or shave closely when you really cannot see yourself clearly in the mirror. To get a better look at what you are doing when getting ready for work, add lights over or around the mirror. If you want more natural lighting, consider installing a skylight to funnel in sunlight during the day.

Warm the Floor

On cold mornings, no one wants to walk across cold bathroom tiles. However, you can solve that problem by having a radiant floor heating system added beneath the tiles when they are replaced. Along with heating the floor, it will also make the room much warmer.

These six tips will increase the value of your home as well as provide you with a modernised place to relax in the tub when you need some “me time”.


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