Do You Have a Secure Enough Gate


In some instances, the gate that you are using to secure your property is not offering enough of a barrier to keep intruders out. Therefore, the design of a security gate should be configured so that you gain the necessary privacy and discourage unwanted guests. If you own a commercial property, for instance, and are seeing too many intruders passing the portal, you need to make an upgrade.

Keeping a Property Protected: What it Takes

When choosing a gate, you also have to work with the surrounding landscape. Therefore, a gate must be designed to meld with its environment whilst offering a full level of protection. If you want to keep out both vehicles and pedestrians, then a gate must be designed to meet these objectives.

What Are the Criteria for Installation?

A company that designs and installs bespoke-type security gates must look at a client’s specific criteria for installing a new gate. If both pedestrians and vehicles must be restrained, then the installation of a cantilever gate that slides may be the solution. This automated upgrade should feature a solid metal frame.

Keeping Track of Your Foot and Vehicle Traffic

Companies on such websites as offer a number of solutions for securing entrances to properties. When you install the right gate, it can make all the difference in the world. Not only does this improvement discourage anti-social conflicts but it also makes it easier to keep track of the comings and goings of visitors or staff.

How Is Automation Achieved?

Gates that are automated can be made into one of a number of designs, depending on the type of property and the client’s security needs. Automated gates are also called electric gates and can be made in sliding, cantilever sliding, and swing-type styles. The gates often are fitted with entry controls, keypads, or intercom systems. In addition, gates may be powered by hydraulic motors or electro-mechanical designs.

System Upgrades to Consider

Entry control, gate automation, and intercom devices can be included on either current or new gates. You can select from a wide array of entry control system accessories as well. These types of system upgrades feature remote fobs, card readers, GSM mobile phone devices, wireless intercoms, video access, hard-wired intercoms, or GSM mobile phones.

Safety systems for automated gates feature such amenities as safety cut-out edges, anti-crushing mechanisms, and infrared beams. An intercom system is frequently added to permit remote access for the gate. This type of safety amenity can readily be activated by using your mobile phone.

Automated Entrance Gates

Whilst entrance gates are often used for securing a property, you can also use side gates for the same purpose. Entrance gates frequently add just the right accent to a period property or estate and enhance the looks of grounds that feature long or large driveways.

When you include an automated gate on your property, you easily add value to your real estate. This type of gate not only underscores the beauty of your residence or the security of a commercial business but it also adds substantially to a property’s worth. Not only that, but the addition of the installation also can lower what you pay in liability cover.


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