How to Renovate Your Victorian Terrace House- and Keep its Character


Victorian terrace houses were very popular in the UK from the 18th century until the early 20th century. They shared a set of unique architectural traits that made them particularly distinctive and stylish. Usually, these houses were owned by wealthy people who could afford such massive properties. The rise in Victorian terrace housing led to a boom within the UK, as more and more people began to opt for such housing in the suburbs. However, if you own a Victorian property, a common issue is when you have to think about renovations and maintenance.

You don’t want to renovate the Victorian house to the point that it loses its Victorian character. Renovations need to be done in such a manner that allows the place to keep its character. These houses are loved by individuals for their architectural intricacy, their elegant facades, and the unique styles of doors and windows used. Here are just a few ways by which you can renovate your Victorian property without compromising on its character.

Replacing the Windows

A unique feature of Victorian properties is the fact that they have very unique looking windows. However, windows also receive a lot of damage from the environment, which means that they are the first things in the house that need replacement with time. However, opting for contemporary windows is going to significantly affect the aesthetic appeal of your house. Instead, you should go for sash windows.

These windows look like they were from the Victorian era, but they also have a hint of modern architectural appeal. These windows can be made using aluminium frames, which are resistant to external weather conditions and don’t require a whole lot of repair work. You can check out the Rose Collection sash windows in order to make a choice. They have a lot of different styles of windows available for people to choose from.

Replacing the Doors

A fantastic change that you can make to your property is to get bi-folding doors installed. Bi-folding doors will allow you to view your patio and will also provide a modernistic feel due to the use of glass. It allows you to create a seamless transition between the inside and the outdoors. They are also quite sturdy, and are fixed on a track locking mechanism that also increases security within the place.

Refurbishing a Victorian property comes with its own list of challenges. Interior designers have to make sure that the property is revamped, using contemporary materials, without actually making the place lose its character. The doors and windows of your Victorian property are obviously going to have a profound impact on the way the place looks and feels. Replacing them could go a long, long way in improving the overall outlook of your place. If the doors and windows have sustained a lot of damage over the years, changing them will also bring about a reduction in your monthly maintenance expenditure and will make your place look just like new!

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