The Recyclable Goods Which Can Be Loaded Into A Skip Bin


A skip bin can be used to recycle your unwanted household and garden waste. A recycling skip differs from a standard one because you can put waste into several different compartments.

  • Separate compartments ensure that you are not going to mix any waste up.
  • Different compartments will allow you to sort different waste quickly before the skip is taken away.

Which recyclable goods can be loaded into a skip?

1) Plastic

  • Plastic is one of the most common household goods. Using a large skip bin that you have loaned from skip hire services in Knaresborough, the plastic can be successfully recycled.
  • Once the recycling skip has been filled with plastic, the next compartment of the skip can be filled up.

2) Glass

  • Glass can be safely loaded into one of the skip bin compartments.
  • The glass could be from items such as a smashed mirror or a coffee table that is no longer in use.
  • Once all the glass has been loaded into the skip, you can begin to load the next material.

3) Wood

  • Wood can be recycled by being placed in a specialist skip bin.
  • Choose a skip that has enough depth to accommodate the amount of wood that you will throw away.


A recycling skip can accommodate material such as plastic, wood and glass. The skip should be spacious enough for all the goods to fit inside. A skip bin with a covering can be hired so that none of the material can fall out or be taken by people who happen to be passing by.

Once you have successfully used a recycling skip, make sure that you retain the firm’s contact details. You can contact them the next time your house is full of recyclables.

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