Reasons Why You Should Use an Online Estate Agent


These days, so much is managed from our computers, smartphones and tablets, something we could never have imagined only 25 years ago. And yet when dealing with an issue such as buying or selling a home, people still prefer to visit a local estate agent. Granted, moving one’s home is a major decision, and one that needs some serious consideration.

But with the increase of online estate agents, who are becoming more practical and popular by the day, is it a good idea to be too cautious of what they say they can provide? Here are some reasons why a renowned online estate agent can make things much more beneficial for you when buying or selling your property:

Regional Know-How

Should you be considering using a digital estate agent, select a business which focusses on your region or county. For instance, if you’re based in Essex, online estate agents in Hornchurch, will be more likely to have better knowledge of the local area and demographics than some nationwide company. And just because there’s no local branch, doesn’t mean they lack in area-specific expertise. Actually, as staff aren’t at an office all day, online estate agents have more time to research markets and assisting clients.

Lower Charges

Online estate agents are able to charge you less for the same quality of service, which means that you can keep thousands of pounds in agency fees. This way, you can boost the value of your home sale, without any increases in the asking price.


Online estate agents are energetic by nature, and have a more flexible resolution to the property market than a lot of their conventional counterparts. Their methods are not entrenched, which means that they can work with your needs (and expenses) to provide a great service that’s perfect for you.

This is certainly advantageous when it comes down to fees, as most will offer you the option to pay upfront, or after completion. Why should you pay before completion? Because you will receive the very same service for a small part of the price and being protected by a money back guarantee, ensures a risk-free method to saving even more money on your sale.

Speedy Appraisals

Most conventional estate agents are sluggish when it comes to digital services, which means that putting your toe in the water regarding the property market may be a long old process. Before deciding if you should use the services of an estate agent, you will need to sort out a home valuation. This can be convenient the first time, but receiving multiple quotes from various agents may put the brakes on your house sale.

Whereas an online estate agent, provides rapid valuations online, which will allow you to complete key features to accept an estimated asking price for your home. This way, you can simplify the decision-making procedure and lose no time in getting started.

By choosing a reputable online estate agent without any hidden fees, you can conceivably save thousands of pounds on your home sale, and ensure everything is taken care of as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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