Quick Guide to Damp Proofing Your Home


Owning a home can be very expensive, especially when all of the costs start to add up. You can’t always afford all of the renovations you’d like to do, which is why it’s important to prioritise your to-do list so you get things done by order of importance.

One thing you should never put off is damp proofing your home, especially if dry rot is common where you live. To learn more, please read on to find out more about damp rot and damp proofing your home.

What is Damp?

Damp is a general term for several conditions where water gets inside a home and causes issues. Often these issues can be severe, resulting in mould, rot, fungus growth, and even the deterioration of building materials such as timber. The generic label most of these issues receive is damp rot.

Damp Proofing: Is it Worth It?

A few spots on the wall or some strange looking mushrooms growing in the corner of the basement may not seem like a big deal. However, when damp rot and other issues are left untreated, they can quickly become serious issues.

Through damp proofing, you can prevent against damp and dry rot. You’ll save a lot of money on repairs if you choose to keep your home protected in the first place through Buxton damp and dry rot control.


  • Improved Smell- When you have mould and fungus growing in your home, you may notice that your home smells musty and unpleasant. Your home will smell a lot better when any damp spots are eliminated.
  • Eliminate Blemishes- Any dark spots and other blemishes in your home can be eliminated when you get rid of those damp places. Better yet, you can prevent such blemishes from occurring in the first place.
  • Reduce Health Issues- Mould and fungus can cause health problems and agitate existing ones. To keep your home healthy, you must eliminate such risks.


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