Property Preservation Vs Property Repair


All man-made structures require a basic level of care, and that can be perceived in more than one way. The homeowner might approach the issue of home repairs, as just that – work that must be carried out to make good whenever something needs attention – and consequently, nothing need be done until the repair time comes. If, on the other hand, the property owner looked for protective treatments that prevent the need for repairs, they would likely spend less, and that is why property preservation makes sense.


This is the arch enemy of the UK property owner, especially in wetter regions, such as Scotland, and damp can present itself in many different formats. Rising damp typically starts at ground level, and slowly but surely, the moisture begins to permeate the walls and gradually causes decay wherever it happens to go. If you have decided not to wait until your home is affected, there are online companies that can handle wet rot treatment in Scotland, and with the emphasis on prevention and preservation, the technicians would be able to recommend specific treatments that will protect your investment from potential damage.

Preserving Timber

Many older homes in the UK have load bearing beams and joists, and these should be treated to protect against wet and dry rot, and also woodworm. Regular application of the right chemical solution will ensure that nothing eats into the wood. If your home is more than 50 years old, it is very likely that timber was used extensively, and like anything else, time takes its toll, and wet or dry rot can be present for some time before it becomes noticeable. Timber preservation is a critical aspect of property care, and there are online companies who specialise in long term property maintenance, and they have the experience and the resources to handle any job, big or small.

Pest Prevention Treatment

The woodworm beetle seems to thrive in the cold, damp climate of Scotland and the north of England, and it usually arrives just after the dampness occurs. The term “woodworm” refers to a group of species that eat wood in the larva state. There are chemicals that can effectively remove all traces of woodworm, which requires professional application. The eggs are concealed within the tell-tale holes, and the solution is applied in such a way that is not only exterminates the adults, it also destroys the larva, and the problem is dealt with. Untreated timber is susceptible to word worm, so it makes sense to have some preventative treatment for all timber in your home, and this will ensure there will never be a repeat of the invasion.

Property repairs can be drastically reduced if you focus on prevention by preservation, and with the damp British climate, your home needs all the protection it can get. You could call in one company who can inspect the property and inform you of its current condition, while also recommending preservation treatments, which will ensure your home is always in good condition.

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