What Is The Process For Asbestos Detection And Removal?


Older houses are likely to contain asbestos as an insulating material which is found in the roof cavity and also in the walls. Keeping the heat inside a house is extremely important, but not when the materials used are putting the homeowner’s long-term health at risk. There are several stages to asbestos detection and removal. What does this process involve?

The Homeowner Or Their Family Start To Develop Health Problems

The first sign that asbestos is present in a house is when people start to develop health problems. Lung complaints and breathing difficulties can progress to asbestosis if they are left untreated. When someone suspects that there is asbestos present in their house, they will then be able to contact a specialist company that deals with asbestos detection and removal.

An Asbestos Consultant Is Contacted To Perform A Survey

Once an asbestos consultant has been called by the homeowner, a full inspection can take place. People who perform consultant jobs in asbestos are fully trained to identify asbestos whilst wearing the right kind of protective clothing. These inspections should not be carried out by homeowners because they put themselves at risk of coming into direct contact with the asbestos, and they might breathe in harmful particles.

Once the consultation has been finished, the removal process can begin.

An Asbestos Removal Company Takes All The Asbestos Away

The asbestos removal company will remove all of the asbestos from the walls and the roof of the building. This process will be carried out by people who are wearing the right kind of protective equipment. This includes facemasks, gloves and full bodysuits. This significantly reduces the risk of the workers breathing in or being contaminated by the asbestos. Then the asbestos will be disposed of safely. However, this is not the

The Asbestos Consultant Checks That All Traces Of Asbestos Have Disappeared From The House

Once the asbestos has been physically removed from the house, it still might not be safe for the homeowners to move back into their house on a permanent basis. This is because there might be asbestos molecules in the air which cannot be detected by the naked eye. The asbestos consultant will be able to check whether all the traces of the asbestos have disappeared. Then they will be able to give the all-clear.

New Insulation Will Be Installed

New insulation can then be installed, which will keep the house warm and will not cause any potentially life-threatening illnesses for the occupants. This insulation will be installed in the roof cavity and in the wall cavities, and homeowners will have peace of mind that their house is completely safe.

The Asbestos Consultant Performs A Follow-Up

The asbestos surveyor will then perform a follow-up inspection after a number of weeks or months to confirm that the house is still not contaminated.

Asbestos detection and removal is a simple procedure but it needs to be done by qualified professionals.

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