The Newer and More Efficient Energy-Saving Windows


For a long time, double glazed windows have been the gold standard for energy efficiency. A double glazed window is one with two panes of glass. Heat passes from one place to another because heat creates motion in molecules, so ideally, a vacuum exists between the pane of glass. If a perfect vacuum could exist between the panes of glass, it would create an impenetrable barrier through which heat could not pass.

When molecules of air are heated, they move more, putting them in contact with other molecules and transferring their heat. That heat then goes into your house during the summer or out of your house during the winter. A double paned windows is designed to prevent those molecules from transferring their energy by offering up more barriers, usually in the form of vacuums, however, rarely does a true vacuum exist between the panes of glass. That’s why many people have been moving to triple glazed windows.

Energy Costs

Independent researchers have found that as much as 40% of your energy costs come from heat that transfers through thermal bridges. Your windows are the most common bridge in your house, but inset glass in doors can also transfer energy. You simply need to touch your window on a cold day to know that heat is being lost through the window, or on a warm day to know that heat is coming in through the window. Many people are moving towards triple glazing in Harrow.

The effects of triple glazed windows have not been studied very extensively by researchers but early reports are very promising. Those who have installed triple glazed windows have reported marked decreases in their energy costs.

Three Panes of Glass

Since a true vacuum is so difficult to achieve, the alternative has been to move towards three panes of glass, with a vacuum in between each. If you can install a window with three panes of glass, you will be saving a significant amount of money, though how much money you can save depends largely on your current windows. If you currently have single pane windows, you could save up to 40%; if you have double glazed windows, you’ve likely reduced your costs significantly but not as much as you could. Three panes of glass is helpful in reducing the costs as much as possible.

Three panes of glass is also crucial for storm coverage. Having multiple panes of glass makes it much less likely your windows will be shattered in a storm. There will be multiple panes of glass that make it much more reliable, even when hit with debris in a strong wind. If you want to keep your home safe and your energy costs low, you need to work with a glazier who specialises in triple glazed windows.

There are many different options for triple glazed windows, but it’s important to work with a team that has been making triple glazed windows for a long time. The process for making these more efficient windows is a fairly involved one, which is why you need expertise and experience. The only way to find that is to work with experts in the field. There are not many experts, but you can easily find some if you look online for someone with experience.

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