Are Mice or Rats Getting Into Your Car


Whilst there are differences in the features and habits of mice and rats, they all look the same if they are getting inside your car. In fact, both of these types of rodents produce a large amount of damage to homes, machines, and items every year.

Why Poison Does Not Work

This type of destruction continues despite the fact that people use rat poison, repellents, and other techniques to keep rodents at bay. Plus, the use of poisons and traps is a cruel way to deal with the problem as it leads to unnecessary suffering. In addition, if you put poison out, an animal or even a pet might eat the product and can get sick or die.

You Need to Create a Rodent-Free Zone

So, what can you do if rats or mice are taking over your car? The new and innovative solution is to create a rodent-free type of zone. By using this approach, you can get rid of the pests without having to use poisons or other unsatisfactory methods or substances.

An Electrical Mat

This type of repellent can be used in vehicles, around industrial machinery, and inside storage facilities. That is because the repellent is designed in the form of a mat and produces an electrical charge that deters mice and rats from moving any further. All that you need to do is lay the mat down and plug it in for it to work.

A More Humane Approach

Therefore, a mouse and rat repellent for cars by Hammer Technologies Ltd is a humane way to stay pest-free. That is because rats or mice do not damage buildings or items out of malice. In the case of rats, especially, the animals need to chew on things in order to wear down their teeth.

The Reasons Why Rats Chew Through Wiring

Because their teeth can grow quite rapidly in a year, rats cannot eat if their teeth end up growing too long. Besides paring down their teeth, rats also chew because they are seeking a warm place to inhabit or are looking for food. Mice chew for this reason as well.

Clues That You Have a Rodent Problem

Rodents can be creative when it comes to damages, especially inside cars. For instance, if you notice that certain wires are frayed or that your upholstery looks a bit torn or shredded, then a mouse or rat is accessing your vehicle. A telltale sign, of course, is if you see droppings inside your car.

Clean Your Car to Perfection

In order to stymie a rodent’s efforts, then you not only need to use a rat mat but you also must make sure that your car is cleaned to perfection. After all, those small items of food smell pretty good to a mouse or rat. So, if you want to ensure that your car is not assaulted, you need to vacuum your car’s upholstery and the flooring. Make sure that you use a crevice tool to pick up any type of leftover food or crumbs. By taking both of these measures, you are far less likely to see rodent damage now or in the future.

After all, the idea is to prevent a rodent from getting inside your car. Besides using a rat mat and cleaning your car, make sure that you park it in a well-lit area. Keep away from spaces that are adjacent to grassy areas or are located in the dark.


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