The Many Benefits of Window Shutters for Homes and Places of Business


Between channels and magazines devoted to the subject exploding in popularity to an increased emphasis on personal creativity in society to prices lowering and accessibility increasing, home décor is hotter and more affordable than ever.

Even with this newfound focus on domestic décor trends, however, chances are you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your windows shutters. In one respect, that makes sense. After all, as stated, so much of the ethos and impetus behind the expansion of home décor over the past decade has been fuelled by an increased celebration of personal creativity. Carpeting, countertops, drapes, and furniture pieces all get a great deal of attention, but even so, if your home sports cracked windows or filthy shutters, those other elements will likewise recede in importance.

Here, then, is a quick overview of what you can expect from the best domestic, commercial, and plantation window shutters in Perth.

Domestic Shutters

When it comes to domestic shutters, you ideally want units that can give you a little bit of everything. First and foremost, of course, the best domestic shutters should be both durable and security-friendly. More than 70% of intruders enter the home through a window, making domestic shutters, which are sturdy, hard to breach, or even have an auto-lock feature, highly desirable. In addition, the best domestic shutters can provide a variety of other practical benefits as well, including noise reduction and the ability to trap heat during wintertime while simultaneously allowing for a breezier, more open feel during summer.

And then there’s the matter of design aesthetics. The best domestic shutters should complement the paintjob of your exterior and interior décor while still standing out.

Commercial Shutters

For as important as it is to find window shutters that can protect your home and emphasise its overall aesthetic appeal, the impetus to do so is even greater when it comes to a commercial setting. First impressions are everything in the world of commerce, and your window shutters are sure to be one of the first things potential clients see as they enter your facility. As such, it is critical that you have high quality commercial shutters. These tend to be installed on an aluminium track for easy retraction. What is more, these tend to be heavier and thicker than their domestic counterparts given their role in securing your storefront. That said, they also serve an aesthetic purpose as they tend to be quite sleek, adding an understated industrial elegance to your storefront’s décor.

Planation Shutters

One of the most popular styles of shutters out there, plantation shutters tend to be a good middle ground between pure aesthetic brilliance and security considerations. These come in both wood and aluminium varieties, with the former being crafted from authentic Canadian Red Cedar, perfect for anyone looking to evoke a rustic feel in their home.  The latter, meanwhile, make use of tracks to slide neatly into place.

For the perfect blend of security considerations and fantastic domestic and commercial décor, look no further than the best shutters in Perth!


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