Loss Prevention Standards Explained


Regarding commercial and industrial security, steel doors have evolved over the decades, and along with that, comes the certification that is a standard benchmark for the consumer who is looking to install security doors. This system of security evaluation for steel doors was created by The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and it assesses risk with secure door systems, and there are basically six levels.

Severe Testing

In order to obtain a security rating, the doors would be taken to a special facility (British Research Establishment), where a team of experts attempt various methods to force entry. This completely independent assessment ensures that the product is up to a very specific standard, and depending on your type of business, there would be a suitable security level. As an example, SR4 security doors are typically used in government complexes, large public buildings and offices and warehouses, and this mid-range level is generally suitable for almost any environment.

Reputable Online Suppliers

If ever you require security doors, an online search will bring up a list of potential suppliers, and by making sure the company is approved and has an LPS rating, you can be sure their products are of the best quality. This type of company would design, build and install the doors, and with a wide range of locking options, and a range of attractive colours, you can create something ideal and specific to that environment.


This is an important aspect of any door, and with security units, the ventilation must be very strong, as it would represent a potential entry point for an intruder. Louvre can be inserted, which is essential if the room contains machinery or appliances that require good ventilation, and any environment can be serviced with bespoke creations.

UK Based Businesses

If your company is located in the British Isles, there is one company that has consistently met the rigid standards, and with many years of hands-on experience, they can service any environment with the ideal security solution. Security is not something to be taken lightly, and when you consider the high value of stock and equipment, a video surveillance system just isn’t enough. Consulting the experts gives you affordable and durable access protection, and you can rest assured that forced entry is out of the question.

Security Rated Vents

It might be a small set of doors for a compressor, or a power housing unit, and the right company can design something ideal, with adequate ventilation that will not compromise the security in any way. Doors are available in SR1-6 formats, which gives you a wide range of choices and whatever your type of business, there will be something ideal.

One is best advised to contact an established supplier and ask them to send someone to evaluate the premises, and with your input, they can design, build and install the ideal security doors that will protect your valuable premises from intrusion. 

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