Why are Live-in Maids Better than Contractual Maids?


Are you looking forward to hiring a maid? It’s actually not an easy task to find out the most suitable domestic help these days. First and foremost, you have to decide whether you want a live in maid in Dubai, who will be with you 24×7 and help you with the entire household chores or you want to hire someone on a contractual basis.

The contracts maids are basically the ones, who come to work to your house and complete an eight-hour shift and leave. A live in maid, on the other hand, lives with you and you need to accept her as one of your family members. The efforts are worth it, as he or she will be around you all the time. In the case of any emergency or a surprise party, you will be assured to have his or her help for all the cleaning.

Factors to Take in Consideration in Case of Hiring a Live-in Maid in Dubai

  • Decide on the responsibilities you want your maid to take care of, such as the daily chores, laundry, care of children or some bedridden family member, meal preparing and as such.
  • You should always be thorough with questions while interviewing the maids. The best option would be going by references of your relatives or friends.
  • Be prepared with the employment plan, as in the salary, benefits, holidays; all-in-all the overall package that you were willing to offer to your live in maid.
  • Always trust your gut feelings. Even after matching all the requirements, if you feel something is not right, it’s best to go with the instincts and drop the employee and get another one, with whom you would feel right.
  • Always verify the information provided by the maid. It’s best to opt for a reputed agency, which can do all the background checking and authentication on your behalf.

Best live in maid agency in Dubai – Savoir Vivre

Now, to get a good live in maid in Dubai you will first need to choose a reputed company, which provides you with the right professionals. And you cannot find a better live in maid agency in Dubai than ‘Savoir Vivre’.

Savoir Vivre translates to “high standard of living”, so you know the name itself expresses the belief of the agency. The agency holds utmost prudence and follows an exceptionally precise candidate screening process while maintaining your privacy.

You can find a range of packages that Savoir Vivre offers in order to provide multiple benefits to clients. The packages offered have more variety than any other live in maid agency in Dubai.  It does take care of a client’s religious and cultural preferences, needs of special skills, experience and education level. So, hands down, it is indeed the best maid agency in Dubai to provide all kinds of maid services.

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