Keeping Your Lawn Looking Pristine


If you want to keep your lawn looking its best, you have to figure out who to call to make this happen. By reviewing lawn care companies on a platform, you can compare the differences between them and find the company that will best assist you in keeping your yard looking its best.

Check the Company’s Reputation

To begin, you should check the company’s reputation and the type of testimonials they have received online. That way, you will at least get a glimpse of what to expect. You may also extend your research by asking a neighbour who he or she employs for this type of work.

If a contractor is not insured or licensed, you need to shortlist your choices to include only those lawn care specialists who make this type of guarantee. Whilst some contractors certainly do business without a license and insurance, it does not mean they are necessarily dedicated to doing a professional job. Be sure to find a company that is backed by these types of endorsements.

Whilst insurance is understandable, a lawn care company that is licensed normally holds this designation for the application of chemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides. You might say that a company that bills itself as a “weed-and-feed” service is more likely to be insured than someone who limits his workload to lawn mowing services.

With that being said, insurance is a must-have cover, even if someone merely mows your lawn. After all, if the mower they are using happens to fling a rock through a pane of glass, you want to make sure that they pay for damage instead of you having to.

Is the Lawn Company a Member of a Trade Association?

It also helps to find out if the lawn care contractor is a member of a trade or professional organisation. If a contractor is part of this type of association, again, it means that they are committed to professional lawn care. It also means that the company is committed to ongoing learning.

You will immediately learn a lot about a company by how it handles its customers. For example, is the company quick in giving a quote? Or is it a hassle to try to sign up for the service? Try to avoid any contractor who seems disorganised. Your goal is to maintain your lawn, not to constantly play telephone tag.

What Is Their Customer Service Like?

The manager-operator of a company should respond promptly to your e-mail or phone call. The company should also feature the most updated technology – technology that has a customer focus. For example, a well-organised firm should be reachable through social media or e-mail and should also regularly use scheduling and billing software. If you want to develop a long-term relationship with a lawn care company, it is imperative to find one that is customer-focused and organised.

When selecting a lawn care provider, check to see how they maintain their equipment. For example, how frequently are the blades sharpened? Professionals should also be able to tell the customer the variance between grass that is cut with a sharp or dull blade. A dull blade will tatter the grass and cause it to turn brown. That is why a reputable lawn care company changes or sharpens its blades every couple days. Ask the company how many hours of mowing they log before changing or sharpening their blades. The answer should be no more than ten hours.

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