How to do an apartment renovation?


So, you have finally become a happy owner of your own apartment or you have simply decided to radically change your interior. Among the many questions that arose in connection with this, the main one is how to arrange everything properly in order to translate all the ideas for furniture upgrade into reality and forget about the subsequent repairs for many years.

Of course, you can easily sort out the issue of repair works by resorting to the services of a professional work team. However, we all know that this, especially in the era of financial crisis, is not a very affordable option. In addition, it is much more pleasant to transform your favorite home on your own.

Steps you need to take to do a renovation:

1) Settle on the design

If you have a good plan, you are going to face far fewer problems. Therefore, you need to understand what you want exactly. In order to determine the layout, design and style, you need to get some visual information: look through various catalogs of interior design and decor ideas, take a closer look at what your friends and acquaintances have done to their apartments as it is more efficient to learn from other people’s mistakes than make your own. When choosing a style, pay special attention to the color of the rooms, because the color you choose will affect your comfort, mood and even the health of your family.

2) Make an apartment plan

Inspired by the idea, one should not run to various stores in order to buy some building materials. First, you should make a clear plan of your apartment; do some room measurements, as well as measure the width of the door and window openings, the location of wiring etc.

2) Figure out what your budget is going to be

In order to control the amount of money spent, it is very important to compile an estimate, rationally calculating the number of necessary materials and their cost. Things that should be included on the list:

• Building materials (putty, primer, tile and wallpaper adhesives, dry mixes, plaster, nails, plumbing and electrical wiring, etc.);
• Finishing material (wallpapers, stretch ceilings, decorative panels, floor coverings, windows, entrance door, plumbing devices, paints, sockets, cables, etc.);
• The cost of the necessary equipment and tools (however, they can be rented or you can ask relatives or friends for those);
• The cost of works performed by professionals (you will not be able to do without them, if, for example, you are going to replace windows or flooring);

As experience shows, it is impossible to foresee all the expenses and one way or another, you will definitely have to buy something extra. Therefore, you should always have some spare money.

Important tip: you should purchase approximately 10-12% more of building materials based on your original plan. The reason being that it is very easy to make a mistake or do a miscalculation.

In addition, you might also need a storage unit to store some of your belongings during a renovation. Therefore, we suggest you get information about storage rentals.

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