How Should I Go About Selecting the Best Foil-Backed Insulation?


Popular foil-backed insulation is made up from layers of reflective foil which is fastened to batts or foam boards, that assist in insulate the lofts, walls, floors and ceilings of our homes. The layers of foil help the insulating ability by reflecting away solar energy from home while at the very same time helps to control any infiltration from the likes of moisture.

If you are considering having any kind of insulation installed, you should take the time to first choose a reliable company which specialises in insulation and consult with them, and then choose from the types of insulation which are suitable for your home.

  • When you are selecting the very best kind of foil-backed insulation, you will have to think about things such as material, thermal ratings, installation requirements and costs before making your choice.

Getting the Perfect Insulation

One of the first things to consider if choosing top quality loft insulation in Glasgow, is the R-value, which will measure how efficiently the type of insulation you are interested in, improves the thermal resistance of the home. In countries with colder climates, you should make a point of choosing the highest R-value available in order to keep cold winter air out of the home.

  • If you live in a more moderate climate zone, a lower R-value is normally suitable at efficiently insulating a building.

Many homeowners also check on the materials that insulation is made of, and how it will impact air quality. Insulation manufactured without urea formaldehyde is the one of the safest types for people wishing for cleaner indoor air. For the simplest type of installation, check out foil-backed insulation, which is actually made from recycled cloth and/or cotton.

Matters of Effectiveness and Efficiency

Now, you should take a close look at the foil backing to figure out which product will be the most effective. Foil with a low-emissivity is seen as the best, because it is less likely to absorb and then move heat energy into your home. The higher the reflectivity of the foil, the better it will be to transfer solar energy out and keep it from entering the home.

You should keep an eye out for foil-backed insulation which has been made from laminated layers instead of the single foil sheet. The multiple layer type also assists in reducing any risks of dust building up in the perforations on the foil’s surface, which can create problems in terms of moisture control.

  • A lot of perforations with wider diameters can aid in reducing a dust build-up and increase the effectiveness of insulating

R – Values Region by Region

When you’re looking at choosing foil-backed insulation, you will have to consider the recommended R-values of your region. This will greatly help you to select the very best insulation for where your home is located and thus the wisest invest for your money.

Insulation specialists should be consulted with to make sure that the job is done professionally.

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