Finding a Roof Leak


Finding a leak in your roof might sound simple, and in many cases it is. However, there are times in which it is very difficult to find the source of a roof leak. If the leak happens in a puncture on the roof that is directly related to some kind of accident, it’s usually very easy to find it. However, leaks often occur due to some kind of gap in your shingles or because of a problem with your roof construction.

Soffits and Fascias

Your roof is made up of many different elements such as the rafters and the shingles. These things don’t always meet at perfect right angles, though. They often join at odd angles that are not actually watertight. To make them watertight and help with insulation, your roofing elements are joined by soffits and fascias. Soffits are the horizontal elements that join roof components. Fascias are vertical elements of the facade. If your soffits or fascias are not fast together, they can allow leaks. Ayrshire roofers can inspect the health of your soffits and fascias.

Under the Shingles

Many of the problems that arise with leaking from your roof actually arise underneath the shingles. This is a problem not just for asphalt shingles. Leaks can occur with cedar shake and metal roofs as well. The roof stays watertight since each shingle or plank has to overlap perfectly with the one underneath it. If the weather or some physical factor should cause them to no longer fit perfectly, leaks will occur.

Such leaking can be very difficult to spot since there will likely not be an obvious puncture. Furthermore, the leak might not even run down from the exact spot of the puncture. A professional roofer will need to be called in to find the leak.

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